Bookmakers Offering an Array of Props for Mayweather Jr …

The highly anticipated “fight of the century” between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao is just five days away. The two will meet on May 2 in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand.

Bookmakers sense a big opportunity with the upcoming bout as bettors are eager to bet on the bout and bookmakers have obliged by offering a number of props that will help make the overall betting handle much bigger.

Props that are not typically seen are now being offered by sportsbooks online and in Las Vegas. The new props have started to attract attention at many of the sites and in casinos.

The traditional way most bet on boxing is the moneyline or the over/under with regard to how many rounds the fight will go. For this bout however, the books have gone outside the box to offer a number of different options.

Bettors can choose from knockdown props, the number of rounds each fighter will win and the over/under on the scorecards of the judges.

One casino is even offering an OVER of 4.5 rounds as well as the conventional one of 11.5 rounds. However, the OVER on that is -800 meaning you need to bet $800 to win $100.

Another drawing a great deal of action is based on a yes/no. The prop is will there be a knockdown in the fight. The No opened as the favorite at -180. The Yes has attracted interest.

Bettors can also place a bet on whether both the fighters will be knocked to the canvas. The No opened at -2500 and is now at -2000, while the Yes opened at +1600 and is down to +1300.

At the MGM Grand where the fight will be held, the total for the judge’s scorecards opened at Mayweather 346.5 and Pacquiao 336.5, with the 10-point must system in boxing, the maximum points one fighter can have after 12 rounds is 360.

There have been a large number of small tickets on the props with betting ranging from $10 to $50. There have been some over $100 and a handful over $1000.

Some smaller bettors get tempted to go for a home run with a long shot prop such as selecting the round that a knockout will take place. However, those types of bets have very little value.

The props for exact round are not that good of an idea. They look attractive to the eye with 50 to 1 on a knockout in round 10, but they have very little value. However, betting on the fight’s outcome has its value and the odds might by lower, but the value is there.