Crazy Doesn’t Even Describe the NFL Yesterday


Jimmy Graham is jumping to the Seahawks following a trade yesterday in what was a nutty day in the NFL.

For the record, I typically start writing my articles the day before they are actually published and today’s piece is no different. In fact, I started writing this at 415pm Eastern Time today and in the 15 minutes prior the National Football League basically went nuts.

In case you weren’t keeping score at home, here’s what happened between four o’clock and 415.

-The Lions traded their fourth and fifth round draft picks for this year to Baltimore for Haloti Ngata and a seventh round pick.

-The Saints traded Jimmy Graham to Seattle for center Max Unger and a future first round draft pick.

-The Rams traded quarterback Sam Bradford to Philadelphia for QB Nick Foles.

As I write, I’m still waiting to hear where Darrelle Revis ends up and as of this second it sounds like a return to the Jets might be the most likely destination.

The old saying was that the most popular sport in America was the National Football League and a close second was the NFL’s offseason. Now I’m not so sure the offseason isn’t more exciting than the actual season.

Here’s what the above moves mean for the teams involved.


Haloti Ngata is off to Detroit following his trade from Baltimore.

For the Lions, they get a slightly older version of Ndamukong Suh who went to Miami this week. Ngata brings tremendous experience and the ability to completely dominate the offensive line. The price of tag of the two draft picks are worth it in my opinion because you just aren’t going to find a guy of this caliber anywhere in the draft.

In Baltimore, the Ravens were unable to reach an agreement with Ngata on a re-structured deal. Rather than cut him, the Ravens did the right thing by at least getting something for him. Regardless, he will be missed.

When discussing the deal for Jimmy Graham, the Seahawks immediately upgrade their passing game and they get rid of a center in Unger who has been banged up in recent years. For the price of a first round pick, this was a great move for Pete Carroll and company.

Make no mistake about why the Saints did this; they are in salary cap hell and needed to get some money off the books. Throw in the fact that Graham didn’t appear to be too happy last year in New Orleans and another first round draft pick is music to the ears of the Saints. Don’t be a bit surprised if Drew Brees’ name gets thrown out ┬áin some trade talk as his cap number is a beast as well.

Lastly is the deal the was perhaps the biggest shocker of them all. The oft-injured Bradford heads to Philly along with his big contract and a fifth round pick in this year’s draft. The Rams receive Nick Foles, a fourth round pick this year and a second round pick in 2016. If Bradford isn’t the Eagles’ starting QB this season however the Eagles will get their second pick back.

The major question coming from this one is just what is Chip Kelly up to? He’s now gotten rid of the team’s top two receivers in DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin. He’s traded away their best player in LeSean McCoy and now he dumps his QB for a guy with significant injury problems and an overall QB rating of 40.

Popular opinion still believes the Eagles are going to try and position themselves for Marcus Mariota but that’s a large risk to take. The Eagles now have Bradford and Mark Sanchez as their quarterbacks and I have a hard time seeing how this benefits Philly going forward.

All in all, this may have been the craziest day in the history of the league.