Final Thoughts From Monday’s National Title Game


Bo Ryan had reasons to be upset following his loss to Duke but he should have left the "rent-a-player" comment for another time.

What Wisconsin Head Coach Bo Ryan said after his team’s loss Monday night wasn’t inaccurate. It was ill-timed, but not wrong in any sense. Ryan made a comment during the post-game press conference in which he said, “We don’t do rent-a-player.”

Ryan was obviously referring to the fact that Duke has at least two players who will make the quick transition from college basketball to the NBA. Duke Head Coach Mike Kryzyewski took exception by saying he wished Ryan didn’t say it like that. “One and done is fine, but rent-a-player sounds like your doing something illegal,” said Coach K.

The five-time champion coach can spin it any way he wants to but Ryan isn’t wrong. Kryzyewski is no different than John Calipari who could lose as many as seven players who have played two years or less. I give credit to both Ryan and Coach K because they’ve done things the best way they’ve seen fit. I believe Ryan’s method is more honorable but Kryzyewski is playing by the rules and I can’t blame him for that.

I do wish Ryan would have chosen another time to make the comment he did because he came off like a sore loser. What he should have been harping on is what I’m talking about next.

“Official” Mess

If you need any more proof that the officiating in college basketball is bad then you need look no further than the National Championship game. Where Bo Ryan should have spent more of his time complaining was about the fact his team went from being whistled for just two fouls in the first half to 13 in the second half. The disparity is the result of one thing and anyone who knows college basketball knows it has nothing to do with Duke being more aggressive.

While Ryan has a great deal of respect as a coach, no one can manipulate the officials like Coach K can. His ability to wear down refs is legendary and it was on full display Monday night.


The correct call may not have changed the outcome but I guess we'll never know.

If you recall his comments coming off the court to CBS’ Tracy Wolfson, he started with a sarcastic barb about the fouls called on his team. In fairness, he had a right to be upset because the disparity was clearly in favor of the Badgers. What should happen is that there should be a little more balance in foul calls but not in every case. What shouldn’t happen is a total reversal like we saw in the title game.

My firm belief is that college officials call games with one goal in mind, to control it. They are intimated by the players and the coaches so rather than let the kids play they over-officiate and turn the game into a free throw shooting contest. This is all done to keep trash-talking and rough play to a minimum. The officials have to seek some balance and stop blowing the whistle for everything that “looks” too rough.


I have no idea what would have happened had the officials gotten the call right where Justise Winslow clearly touched the ball last as it went out of bounds. What I do know is that it should have been the Badgers’ ball and had they been able to get a bucket on their end tings could have been drastically different. Unfortunately, the officiating crew screwed up again.

As has been my argument with using instant replay all along, if you aren’t going to get it right then college and professional sports should not be using it. All it does is create more problems than if it had never been used.