Funniest Prop Bets: Which Would You Bet On?

Would you believe there are infinite ways for you to win money at sporting events? You can bet on everything, from what happens at half-time to the performers’ outfits.

They’re called prop bets, or proposition bets. They’re called propositions, because these bets typically don’t have any direct relation to the game. You’d think you’d be making a bet on how the game is played, but no; a prop bet has nothing to do with that.

Thus, most prop bets are rather silly! Make no mistake, though; they’re a lot of fun to bet on!Here are some of the funniest you might find, either at an online sports book, or in your best friend’s house.

The next time your friends gather for a sporting event, you can make a prop bet yourself, either with a real book or with your pals. If you need a prop bet quick-fix, you can even find instantaneous offers from other bettors on sports books’ message boards.


PROP: Public

Katy Perry and Rihanna are tied with +350 for the lead in this prop bet, which is not ending for many months. Coming in last for the listed contestants is Lady Gaga with +15,000.

Vegan Proposition

PROP: Personal

Vegan poker pro Howard Lederer despises meat. His opponent and friend Davis Grey made a $10,000 bet that Howard wouldn’t eat a cheeseburger. Lederer decided to down the cheeseburger for the cash.

His friend Grey was then offered the opportunity to win his cash back by eating a few green olives, which Davis Grey hates. Lederer kept the $10K, as Grey refused.

Super Bowl MVP

PROP: Public

Peyton Manning was the -175 favorite for Super Bowl XLIV MVP. For 2011, people decided to bet on whom the MVP would thank first (his coach, family, God, teammates, or no one); Coach was +1,000, while God came in at only +150.

The Navy Seal Bet

PROP: Personal

Phil bet his friend Huck Seed that Huck couldn’t stand in the ocean shoulder-deep, for 18 hours. $50,000 prompted Huck to wade out into the cold water. He lasted three hours before quitting.

The Color Gatorade Bath

PROP: Public

You’ve seen the ritual in which players dump the Gatorade over the coach, right? Typically, it happens at the end of the game; it’s poured onto the head of the winning coach. Yes, winning. Sad for the losing coach, right? Who wouldn’t want to have a ton of Gatorade dumped over their head? Very refreshing.

This bet makes the Super Bowl interesting. The idea is this: what flavor will the Gatorade be? Lime Green? Orange? Cherry Rain? Cascade Crash? It’s a fair bet to make because you won’t know the flavor until the Gatorade dumping happens at the end of the game.

For 2011, odds for blue Gatorade were 10/1, while the winning color—orange—was a 3/1 odd. Other possible prop bet choices were clear, green, red, or yellow.

Cross-Sports Extravaganza

PROP: Public

The cross-sports extravaganza prop bet never ceases to amaze people. Sometimes it goes into the realm of the surreal; other times it seems like a reality show! For instance, you can have a prop bet such as the points total of the Super Bowl versus the winning Daytona 500 car number.

Or how about Chloe Kardashian’s husband’s points total in the NBA championship game versus one-half of the Super Bowl half-time score? You can probably guess how Chloe would bet.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average

PROP: Public

This kind of prop bet fits into the “outside the football field” category. It’s an utterly ridiculous bet. If you work with financial investments and deal directly with stocks and bonds, you can make a bet on the Dow Jones Industrial Average during the Super Bowl, and possibly win a lot of money, especially if you have stocks or bonds and the Dow Jones skyrockets.

That’s a two-for-one bet! You win money at the Super Bowl and on CNN. In 2011, odds that the market would drop were even, whereas an increase had -140 odds.

Sleep City Bet

PROP: Personal

John Hennigan loves big cities, casinos, and a good time. When friends bet him six-figures he couldn’t stay in sleepy Des Moines, Iowa for six weeks, Hennigan took the action.

Hennigan claimed he would simply work on his golf game and relax, but after just two days, he gave up the bet and hurried back to the poker tables.

The Length of the National Anthem

PROP: Public

This kind of bet can go either way, depending on who sings it. Not to mention it can be varied and broken down into different types of bets, starting off with the singer. Go high on your bet if you’re dealing with the likes of Aretha Franklin or Christina Aguilera, because those two can hit a note and hold it for one whole minute if they want; however, bet low if it’s someone like Steven Tyler or Kid Rock, because those two singers won’t waste any time on the clock.

The variants of the bet include guessing how long certain words will be sung, such as the word “brave” at the end. Ten seconds? Twenty seconds? The word “free” is another popular word to bet on. The bet could go either way; it’s so exciting! The total duration is also a popular prop bet; in 2011, odds were -160 for 1 minute 54 seconds+, and +120 for a shorter duration.

Seventy miles on a treadmill in 24 hours

PROP: Personal

Ashton Griffin, an online poker player who has incredible results in tournaments and cash games online recently won $300,000. He ran 70 miles in a 24-hour period on a treadmill to win a bet.

Griffin had laid 3:1 odds, so he put up $100,000 of his own cash to win this prize!

Guitar Smashing During Half-Time

PROP: Public

This bet’s a lot of fun, because while everyone gets a kick out of a guitar being smashed onstage, that excitement triples when you know you’ve made a bet on it for the Super Bowl. Make sure you make that sort of bet with the knowledge that the band playing would be willing to do it.

For instance, The Who and The Vines are notorious for smashing guitars. If Kurt Cobain were still alive, you know he’d be destroying some Stratocasters.
However, lay off this prop bet if you know half-time will showcase Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, or Carlos Santana: they love their guitars too much to destroy them.

The Overall Fun of Sports Bets

Live on the wild side, and try out any of the outrageous prop bets. Gatorade will thank you for the marketing exposure, for sure. Hopefully, National Anthem singers won’t get too embarrassed. And, for sure, the economy will rise with an increase in guitar sales (due to the increase in smashed ones). Everyone wins. That’s the name of the game in sports betting!

For those participating in personal prop bets, set the stage for wild and unfathomable odds, and see if you can get friends to put up big bucks for unlikely outcomes. From sports betting to weight loss prop bets amongst friends, bets can be placed all day, any day.