Hernandez, Winston are Perfect Examples of Today’s …


Hernandez will face a far different life than one he grew accustomed to while in prison.

You play for the premier football team in all of the National Football League. You’ve played in Super Bowls and you’ve just signed a new contract for $40 million dollars.

Unfortunately, the next time you see the lights of the stadium where you saw so much success will be from your jail cell. So close to the stadium are you that you will be able to hear the roar of the crowd when your former quarterback throws a touchdown pass to someone that isn’t you.

You… Are Aaron Hernandez. You have just been sentenced to life in prison for murdering your “friend” execution-style just a short distance from your own home.

We really shouldn’t have been surprised by the smug look on Hernandez’s face when the jury verdict was read on Wednesday. This man is clearly a narcissist who must have had his pride hurt so badly by Odin Lloyd that he felt compelled to kill him.  But this is far from the last we’ll see of Hernandez because he will face trial later this year in Boston for the murders of two men at a traffic stop.

How does a man like Hernandez become a murderer? Is it an ethnic thing? Is it a stubborn pride thing? What possesses a guy to think that taking a life is worth more than his life as a professional athlete?

The easy answer is entitlement. When players as talented as Hernandez are first discovered when they are rising in the high school ranks, life is made easy for them. They are enabled by coaches, teachers and even their parents. This isn’t true in every case of course but look not just at Hernandez. Johnny Manziel and Jameis Winston fall into this category as well.

Constant entitlement and enabling result in guys who believe they can do no wrong. Just several hours after killing Lloyd, Hernandez was in the Patriots’ facility already working out. To me, that’s a person full of himself and a person who truly believes he is above the law and everyone else.

Karma has come to Aaron Hernandez and there’s nothing good about it.


Will this latest lawsuit cost the former Heisman winner the top pick in the draft?

More Bad News for Winston

I mentioned Winston above and now he gets his own spot here as he’s back in the news and none of it is good. The woman who originally claimed that Winston sexually assaulted her at Florida State has filed a civil rights lawsuit against the potential number one draft pick.

What will be fascinating about this in the early stages is what does Winston do about his attorney David Cornwell? To this point, Cornwell has pretty much been able to keep Winston clean and away from any serious criminal charges. The problem is that Cornwell recently made comments that do not help Winston’s cause.

Cornwell recently said that his client is more than ready for the NFL in terms of the on-field stuff that comes with it but as for the off-field part, Cornwell wasn’t so sure. “He’s not ready to be an NFL player off the field,” said Cornwell. If I’m the attorney representing the young woman, how in the world do I not attack that immediately?

Civil cases are much different than criminal cases in that much less is needed for a jury to find Winston responsible. I’m not going to say that this is an open and shut case but Winston should be concerned. So too should the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who it appears are all set to make Winston the top pick in the draft.

Will they stay with Winston or decide he’s too much trouble off the field?