Home Run Title Odds Because Chicks Dig the Long Ball Right?



Stanton enters as the favorite to win the home run title but I have some concerns.

It’s not like the days when Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa were dueling through the season (with help of course) but at the very least it was entertaining right? There’s no shortage of home run hitters in the game today but who will come out on top? Let’s find out.

2015 Regular Season – Who will hit the most HR’s?         

Giancarlo Stanton            7/1

Stanton enters as the favorite after belting 37 home runs in 2014. I have two concerns with him; he took a fastball to the face last season and signed a new deal worth $325 million. Will the pressure be too much?

Edwin Encarnacion          10/1

Jose Abreu                         10/1

Chris Carter                        12/1

Mike Trout                          12/1

Chris Carter probably had the quietest 37 home run season in the history of the league playing in Houston. The other three guys are known commodities who could easily lead the league in this department. I wouldn’t blame you a bit if you laid money on them.

Jose Bautista                     14/1

Anthony Rizzo                   14/1

Chris Davis                          16/1

Miguel Cabrera                 16/1

Bautista is a tough call because he’ll be in the same line-up as Encarnacion. Rizzo could be a nice pick as could Cabrera who’s looking for a bounce-back year. Davis faces the most pressure of the bunch because of his down season following his PED admission.

Paul Goldschmidt            25/1

George Springer               25/1

Josh Donaldson                25/1

Kris Bryant                          25/1

Evan Gattis                         25/1



Kris Bryant would be a bigger pick if he were going to start the season up in the bigs.

Springer hit just 20 homers last season but figures to benefit from Chris Carter. Donaldson is the third Blue Jay already spoken about and you have to wonder if they don’t cancel each other out. Bryant led the minors in home runs last year but the Cubs are already saying he’s starting the season there so forget him.

Mark Trumbo                     33/1

Prince Fielder                   33/1

Nelson Cruz                       33/1

David Ortiz                         33/1

I have to wonder when Ortiz finally slows down. He showed some rust last season but can he re-group for one final run at a home run title? Cruz is a guy I like having hit 40 bombs last season and now he gets some guys around him in the lineup in Seattle.

Troy Tulowitzki                 40/1

Bryce Harper                      40/1

Tulowitzki has the advantage of playing in the thin air of Colorado. Harper has the advantage of youth and a great lineup around him.

Ryan Braun                         50/1

Adam Jones                       50/1

Carlos Gonzalez                50/1

Jay Bruce                             50/1

Pedro Alvarez                   50/1

I’ll be really honest here; I don’t like any of these guys. All are capable but I just don’t think things set up well for them.

Yoenis Cespedes             66/1

Albert Pujols                     66/1

Brandon Moss                   66/1

Matt Kemp                         66/1

Kemp has some new surroundings which could help but the guy in this group I really like is Cespedes who will have lots of lineup protection in Detroit with Cabrera and Victor Martinez around him.

Adam LaRoche                  100/1

Lucas Duda                         100/1

Andrew McCutchen        100/1

Justin Upton                      100/1

Now we really start getting into the long-shots and I don’t like any of these guys to lead the league in homers.

Todd Frazier                       150/1

Carlos Santana                  150/1

Ryan Howard                     150/1

I thought Carlos Santana was a guitar player? Forget it. None of these guys will reach the top.

Best Bets?

I think you have to keep an eye on Cespedes but the ballpark in Detroit is a concern. Stanton is a very likeable and understandable pick but I have concerns. The guy I like? Chris Carter. He just looks like a home run hitter.