March Madness, Chip Kelly and Will Ferrell All in One Day


Ready to fill yours out?

Later tonight, millions of people across the country will be sitting at their computers and they will make decisions that will last a lifetime and some that will last all of five seconds. Some will make these decisions the “old fashioned way” with a sheet of paper and a pencil and by Thursday morning they will have gone through at least two or three erasers.

This is the annual rite of passage known as “March Madness.” Good luck to all of you as you research, flip coins and pray to the basketball gods that you’re making the right picks this year. Let’s move on to other thoughts…


The madness of Chip Kelly has been the talk of the NFL offseason to this point.

Chip’s Philosophy

There’s no way to know if Philadelphia Eagles’ Head Coach Chip Kelly is a genius or a fool until the 2015 season is unfolded but I can’t fault him for doing what he believes is the right thing. Too many coaches claim to have a philosophy but don’t stick to it. I’ve always viewed Kelly’s offense as needing a mobile quarterback or at the very least one who has good lateral movement.

If anything, Sam Bradford has gotten less mobile after knee injuries that have hampered his career. I understand that he ran a similar offense in college at Oklahoma but that wasn’t ‘yesterday’ and Bradford has proven to be a sturdy as a China doll. If Bradford stays healthy throughout the 2015 season then Kelly could come off looking like the genius some claim he is. Give Chip credit for at the very least sticking to a philosophy although it could be one that loses him a job if Bradford goes down again.

Tourney Time

If you’re looking for my own Final Four selections for this year’s tournament I’ll be honest; I’m not set on them yet. What I can tell you is that Kentucky will get to the Final Four considering they’ll play close to home and, oh yeah, they’re pretty good too. Notre Dame is hot entering the tournament having won the ACC but I’m not touching them because they just don’t play the type of defense necessary to win the title.

Villanova is intriguing. They won the Big East yesterday and have been pretty solid all season. Virginia isn’t quite 100% and that could cost them while Duke is up and down to the point where they are hard to figure. Traditional powers Wisconsin and Michigan State play for the Big Ten Title today but I’m not sure the conference has prepared them for the big dance.

In other words, stay tuned this week and I’ll give you my picks.

Shut Up John Madden 

Long-time NFL broadcaster and Hall of Fame Oakland Raiders coach John Madden spoke up this week about comedian Will Ferrell’s day of baseball and he wasn’t happy about it. Madden said it was disgraceful and embarrassing to the game for Ferrell to do what he did on Thursday.

For the record, Ferrell played for 10 different MLB teams in Spring Training games all in one day. He did this in an effort to raise money in the fight against cancer. Let’s be real clear here; this is SPRING TRAINING! Most of the players are already bored with it and any chance to have something change the status quo is more than welcome.

Ferrell also brought a great deal more attention to games than they would have had otherwise. He was his usual self and made people laugh throughout the day and I see nothing wrong with it. Perhaps Madden has finally reached “Grumpy Old Man” status.