Monday NFL Thoughts Include Borland’s Press Tour …



Is it necessary for Chris Borland to continue talking about his decision? I know I'm over it.

The other day when former San Francisco 49ers linebacker Chris Borland announced that he was leaving the game in order to preserve his future I didn’t have a problem with it. My thinking is that I, nor anyone else, should be able to tell anyone else how to live their lives.

I still have no issue whatsoever with Borland’s decision. What is bothering me more and more over the last week is that Borland apparently feels the need to keep talking about his decision as if he’s searching for some form of validation. Borland was on CBS’ Sunday Morning New Program “Face the Nation” yesterday to further discuss his choice.

It was also revealed earlier this week that Borland told his family that they should probably come see him play because this would be his last time playing football. That’s cool, but did Borland at any time think about telling the 49ers this? I respect the fact that he’s given nearly all of his signing bonus back but I think he just needs to get on with his life now.

The more he does interviews the more I feel like he’s trying to push an agenda. We get it; you didn’t want to keep playing football for fear of what your later years could be like.


Chuck Bednarik died this week at 89 and apparently had no ill mental effects from playing football.

I found it to be extremely ironic that pro football Hall of Famer Chuck Bednarik died this week. Bednarik was not only a veteran of World War II but he was also the last real “two-way” player in the NFL. Bednarik played both center and middle linebacker during his career with the Philadelphia Eagles and is passing comes just a couple of months before his 90th birthday.

Perhaps more importantly, there was no evidence that Bednarik suffered from any type of head trauma in his later years. Granted, Bednarik is just one individual from a host of thousands but when we consider he played two of the positions most often related to head trauma then perhaps there is something to it.

Like I said, I don’t blame Borland for wanting to protect his future. Now that he’s made this decision though it’s time to move on and let the rest of us do so as well.

Rams a Step Closer to L.A.?

St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke unveiled a plan for a stadium in Los Angeles that would be the home to two teams. His plan would have two completely separate home team lockers, front offices and owners’ boxes in the stadium. It would also have a new age material over the top of it that would be as clear as a windshield yet strong enough to support a car according to ESPN.

Kroenke’s plan rivals that brought forth by the Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers who would also like to move to L.A. and share a facility.

Personally, I no longer think that it’s a matter of “if” a team is going to Los Angeles because now it’s a matter of “when.” The Governor of Missouri has put together a group with the goal of offering a new stadium plan for St.Louis but that presentation isn’t even going to happen at this week’s owners’ meetings. That tells me that perhaps the folks in Missouri are resigned to the fact that the Rams are heading back to the West Coast.

This of course will be the second time in modern history that St.Louis has seen a team leave. Back in the 1980′s the Cardinals headed West for Arizona and they’ve been there ever since.

I fear the people of St.Louis might have to wait even longer than they did previously for an NFL franchise.