NFL Owners’ Meetings Bring More …

Bill Belichick

I can't even imagine what Bill Belichick's reaction would be if he lost Tom Brady for several plays because a "spotter" thinks he's dinged up.

Why is it every time I sit down to write that I just can’t be more positive? The sports’ world is filled with positive stories isn’t it? Maybe positive stories just don’t “sell” or get “clicks.”

You’re probably thinking I’m going to segway to something really positive and uplifting don’t you? Wrong. I can’t because the National Football League is again ruining its’ own game with more ridiculous rules to “make the game safer.”

With the Owners’ Meetings (or as I like to call it, the billionaires club), underway in Phoenix, the League announced there would now be an independent medical professional in the press box at every game.

This person would be tasked with watching the game with the sole purpose of looking for players who “might” be dinged up to the point where they would need to go off the field. This will likely be known as the “Julian Edelman Rule” because of a play in this year’s Super Bowl where he was dinged by Seattle’s Kam Chancellor but stayed in the game.

Under this new proposal , which will easily be put into play, the medical professional would be able to contact the referee to let him know a player appears to be disoriented and needs to come out of the game.

This wouldn’t be just for one play though; the player would have to undergo concussion protocol testing on the sideline and could miss several plays.

Does anyone see a problem here?


NFL place kickers are likely to see some change this season.

First of all, I’d like to see the official walk over and tell Bill Belichick that his player has to come out of the game because a trained athletic trainer in the press box believes the player may be concussed. So what if a player is involved in a tackle and just simply stumbles getting up? Will he have to leave the game until cleared?

I really do applaud the NFL for going to great lengths to help stop concussions but at some point the entire game itself is going to become something it was never intended to be. It’s a violent game and there is no man who plays it that needs to be told this. Can the game be safer? Yes, it can. There are already college and pro teams doing things very differently in an effort to limit head injuries and they are working.

The NFL has to be careful not to go too far or the game’s integrity will be gone and it will resemble the flag football league we all fear.

Other Notes From the NFL Owners’ Meeting

It looks very much like the playoff expansion that has been discussed for several years will not happen in 2015. I’ve long argued that adding an additional playoff team in each league waters the playoffs down to where the NFL looks like the NHL and NBA. The regular season has to matter. I’m glad cooler heads prevailed on this one.

The point-after-touchdown (PAT) continues to be a hot topic. Some owners would like to see the line of scrimmage moved to the one yard line to entice coaches to go for two points. Other owners want to see it move back to the 15 yard line where a PAT would then be 33 yards. Regardless of what decision they make, I’d like to see the uprights narrowed. Make place kicking a challenge of accuracy rather than just one of power.