Getting a bonus when you open an online sportsbook and/or casino account is a special kind of experience that makes you feel very special inside. Over time, though, your bonus excitement may fade, if you stop getting so many bonuses, or even, like some people, never get any bonuses anymore.

If you’re getting the best online casino and/or sportsbook bonuses, you’ve done all the research and you know you are getting the best bonuses every day online, then this article may merely strike you as an attempt to corroborate your greatness.

But if you, my friend, are an online sports bettor who suspects you may not be getting the online sportsbook and/or casino bonuses you deserve, then this bud’s for you.

Initial Deposit Bonuses

Initial deposit bonuses are the bread-and-butter of the online sportsbook and/or casino. People see that big flashing $500 sign up bonus, and they come a’flocking. Having a big giant honking sign up initial deposit bonus of 25-50 percent of the deposit amount is a sure way to attract customers.

The natural impulse of the depositor is to seek to leverage that deposit bonus into a series of winning bets that will result in the withdrawal from that particular sportsbook and/or casino of a large amount of winnings. Granted this is never the case, but it’s almost universally the dream.

The appeal of the sizeable sign up bonus can be overdone, though. You will find that some sportsbooks don’t overplay the bonus angle, like interested members of the opposite sex, who will choose to play it cool sometimes in hopes of executing an attraction via aloofness strategy.

We don’t hate online casinos that don’t give us huge sign up bonuses. We just sort of don’t like them that much.

Reload Bonuses

The second major item of consideration, when it comes to Internet sports betting bonuses and the like, is this notion of re-bonusing after that initial sign up bonus has already been granted. Indeed, a betting site’s reload bonus may, for regular players, be a primary criteria used in the choosing of that site.

Good casino websites will realize that loyal customers like to be rewarded for their loyalty. Therefore, smart sites will offer 20 percent reload bonuses on a weekly or biweekly basis. This keeps the “regulars” from thinking that they’re so regular as to be taken for granted.

It’s funny, then, how many sites completely ignore the reload bonus site. Sometimes this is just an outright absence of any reload bonus program whatsoever, sometimes it’s more along the lines of you have to make a phone and request a reload bonus, others just seem to ignore the question entirely.

Unfortunately, reload bonuses are more rare than initial sign up bonuses.

Strings Attached Bonuses

The last big note to watch out for in terms of online sports book bonuses is that bonuses offered by sports betting and/or casino websites often come with strings attached. You have to read the fine print or at least skim it, or else you have to kind of understand that:

Your bonus will be hard-pressed to exit your account in the form of cash.

Whether it’s done by way of rollover requirements, minimum withdrawal requirements, or time-based parameters, you best believe that these betting websites aren’t trying to see you walk with that bonus. Or, rather, you can walk with it, but only after you’ve wagered it.

Rollover requirements are a prime example of how this happens. You must always check, when you are checking out online sportsbook bonus programs, whether or not the program has a rollover requirement, and if so, what is it.

For instance you might see that an Internet sportsbook is offering a sign up bonus of $200, with every $500 deposited. But then, if you look closer, you may find that this sportsbook requires a “rollover” of 5X of your deposit before you can withdraw any part of your deposit.

Depending how the terms of use are written and portrayed, this may mean that you will have to wager $3,500 before you can withdraw any of your deposit amount. Or it may mean that you have to wager at least $1,000 (5 X $200) before you can withdraw from that original $200 bonus.

The world of online sportsbook and/or casino bonuses can be confusing. That’s why makes it a point to try to find the best online betting bonus programs on the Web. It’s an important task and there is no reason why you should not be getting all the bonuses that you deserve.