Bonus Rollover Requirements

    It can be confusing and even disappointing when you get an online sportsbook casino bonus, but then you start reading that there is a “rollover requirement” to the bonus and it starts to seem like the sportsbook casino is trying to trick you into thinking you’re getting a bonus, but in reality, your chances to see that money back are slim to none because of the rollover policy.

    A rollover requirement for a deposit or reload bonus is an understandable thing, though, so you don’t need to be like some bettors who ignore bonuses because they don’t want to read all the fine print on the rollover requirements.

    In this article we’ll try to tell you about how bonus rollover requirements work and how you can maximize your sportsbook / casino bonuses without being held down by the rollover requirements.

    Simple Explanation of Online Sportsbook Rollover Requirements

    Nearly all online sportsbook bonuses have rollover requirements attached to the bonus. The idea is that the bookmaker doesn’t want you to just take the bonus money and cash it out, they require you to bet the bonus money as well as the money from your original deposit amount.

    Rollover requirements are expressed in the 3X, 5X, 10X language, with the “X” used as a multiplication symbol. For example, if a certain bonus has a 3X rollover requirement, that means you must bet 3 times the amount of your initial deposit amount plus the bonus amount.

    So let’s say that you deposit $200 and you get a 40 percent bonus, that would put your account at $280. If the rollover requirement for that bonus is 5X, you need to wager at least $1,400 in order to be able to withdraw any bonus money from your account.

    This ensures that the player risks enough money to make it worth it for the online sportsbook to hand out the “free money” bonus.

    Rollover Requirements Can Be Excessive

    Anytime you see a rollover requirement that is more than 5X, be wary. There are more and more online sportsbooks and casinos that are duping people into thinking that these huge deposit amounts are real, but in reality the rollover requirement is a total bummer.

    Some sites will even take it so far, especially if the bonus percentage is high such as 100 percent of the deposit amount, to say that the rollover must be 10X in order for any of the bonus proceeds to be withdrawn. A 10X rollover requirement bonus is a rip off, we say!

    This would mean that if you deposit $500, and you get a $500 bonus, you would need to wager $10,000 in bets before any of that $500 bonus—or any winnings derived from it—could be withdrawn and turned into actual cold hard cash.

    So for example, if you tank your account within a few bets, you may find yourself in a position where you have to keep betting and betting before you can access any of your remaining balance.

    “Eject! Eject! Eject!” you may be screaming, but no one will hear you.

    Being Strategic About Rollover Requirements

    Once you understand what rollover requirements are, you should be able to start being strategic about how you maximize your bonus funds given that rollover requirements are a fact of online sportsbook casino life.

    For example, if you get a $1,000 bonus, with a 5X rollover requirement, you are probably not going to want to make a $1,000 bet right off the bat, because if you miss, you’ve lost any chance to turn that bonus money into real money. Spread out your bets to hit that $5,000 “at risk” requirement.

    Another strategy element involving rollover requirements would be to only deposit enough to get the maximum bonus. For instance, if it’s a 20 percent bonus maxed out at $200, you don’t need to deposit more than $1,000 to get that full $200 bonus.

    But if you deposit $2,000, your rollover requirement at a 3X rate would be fully twice the number you’d need to hit if you only deposited $1,000. In essence, you’re not getting any more bonus, you are incurring an obligation to make more bets in order to collect your $200 bonus.

    These, then, are some of the main ideas to consider when trying to see if a bonus offer with rollover requirements is really all it’s cracked up to be.