Parlays, as any sports bettor knows, are all about going from a little to a lot, betting a smaller amount and getting steep enough odds that if you win the bet, your payout is large. This concept, of “leveraging” your bet, is the basis of the parlay sports betting system.

    But when we speak, here, of the parlay sports betting system, we are not just referring the normal meaning of “parlay,” which is simply a bet that includes multiple bets on one ticket. For example, a three-game parlay would be a bet that three teams would win, and if all do, you do.

    In this article, though, we will be discussing the parlay sports betting system as it pertains to strategically managing your bet sizes so as to maximize the value of your “hot streaks.”

    Let It Ride!

    The parlay sports betting system says that you should first determine your initial bet size. Then increase the size of your bet after a win, or return to your initial bet size after a loss.

    Much like the Paroli betting system, the parlay system is a “positive progressive” betting method, meaning that you bet more when you’re winning, and pull back on losses.

    The idea of this approach is to get “hot,” preferably early on in your betting session, and then “let it ride” whenever possible, increasing your bet size after each winning bet. When you lose a bet, you return to your initial standard bet size, and start the process over again.

    If you get hot early in a session, this strategy can lead to significant bankroll formation. You will get “full value” for your winning streaks, most certainly, and if you are having luck, well then with this system you are making the most of it.

    Due to the aggressive nature of the parlay sports betting system, this approach is well-suited to the kind of bettor that prefers to go for the home run, the big score.

    Knowing When to Quit

    Ironically, the success of this aggressive betting style is entirely dependent upon the bettor knowing when to quit. Unlike, for instance, the D’Alembert sports betting system, which is designed to allow a prolonged period of play without major losses, the parlay sports betting system is most effective when a player adopts a “get in, get hot, get out” mentality.

    Needless to say, for many players, getting out when the getting is good is easier said than done. For this reason, you should not use the parlay sports betting system if you do not have a good amount of self-discipline.

    One way to set some limits is to determine ahead of time what “return on your investment” would constitute a successful parlay betting session. For example, if you start your account at $100, you might define success as a balance of $1,000 in your account, a 10X return.

    Note, too, that the parlay sports betting system does allow some leeway for losses, by returning the player to that predetermined initial bet size after a loss. In order to maximize your chances of making this system work, you must be disciplined about returning to the initial bet size after any loss.

    And you must also be disciplined, also, about letting it ride when things are going your way. You must be prepared, mentally, to parlay your short stack into a big pileā€”and then suddenly depart with your pockets full.