The Paroli betting system is a favorite of blackjack and craps players, but you can also employ the Paroli system for sports betting.

    Much like the parlay betting system, the Paroli sports betting system is a “positive progressive” meaning that you bet more when you win, and then pull back your bet size after any loss. Bet more when you win, less when you lose—what a concept.

    Of course, for most people who enjoy betting, it is difficult to control the urge to “win it back” when you lose. And this may be the most appealing aspect of the Paroli sports betting system, is that it gives the player a structured framework so that loss-chasing does not get out of control.

    Overall, the Paroli betting system is one of the most successful of all methods. Many people do not know that this technique can be applied to sports betting, but it definitely can.

    Count Your Progressions

    Just like the parlay betting system, the Paroli betting system asks first that the player establish an initial bet size. Naturally this bet size should be calibrated according to the overall size of your bankroll. If your bankroll is $100, your initial bet size cannot be $50 to use this system.

    According to the rules of the Paroli betting system, you will “let it ride” after a win, and then after a loss, you will pull back to your original bet size.

    Unlike the parlay system, though, the Paroli betting system offers a stricter structure about how many times you should let it ride before you go back to your initial bet size. This is referred to as the number of “progressions,” and this number, too, should be determined ahead of time.

    So for example, you might choose a $20 initial bet size, and aim for three progressions. This would mean that you would bet $20, if you win you would then let it ride for a $40 bet, if you win that, you let it ride once more, a third time, for a $80 bet.

    But then, even if you win that third bet, you would pull back to your initial bet size, because you have already met your predetermined number of progressions.

    Counting your progressions in this manner can help prevent greed from getting the best of you, and can help you book a profit even if you are not “red hot” during the whole session.

    Sports Betting, Too, Is a Game of Streaks

    As noted, Paroli betting principles are most commonly used in blackjack and especially craps. Sports bettors, perhaps because they are more regularly betting, as opposed to the craps player who only goes to the casino once in a while, may not be accustomed to this system.

    Nevertheless, implementing the Paroli system into your sports betting can be a good choice if only because this system recognizes that betting, by nature, is a game of streaks. So many sports bettors lose money simply because they never win any significant amount of money. They are always playing “small ball” and trying to recoup their past losses.

    The Paroli sports betting system, with its predetermined initial bet size and its predetermined number of progressions, can give the sports bettor a viable plan to win money, not just a plan to not lose money.

    At the same time, by calling for pullbacks to that initial bet size after each loss, the Paroli system helps keep losses manageable.

    Gambling, over the long run, is a losing proposition and everyone should know that; the odds are in the house’s favor and that’s not going to change. By using the Paroli system, though, players can maximize their chances that a hot streak will result in a net profit.

    Just remember to count those progressions and stick to that initial bet size, at least until you have gained a profit and are playing with the house’s money.