Spieth Halfway Home Plus It’s Never Too Late to …


Can Jordan Spieth hold off a field that has some big nae players chasing him to win the Green Jacket?

Jordan Spieth woke up this morning after the first two rounds of The Masters with a five-shot lead over Charley Hoffman after setting a Masters record by starting the tournament with a two-day score of -14 under par. They say The Masters doesn’t begin until the back nine on Sunday but I would suggest a different approach today for Jordan Spieth.

His Masters begins when he tees off this afternoon. I say this because while everyone that is chasing him will be watched, every shot of his will be under a microscope of epic proportions. Every drive, every approach shot and even more so, every putt will be critiqued. If he misses a short putt early, the mumbling will start.

Is he choking? Is he off today? Is the pressure getting to him?

The third round of any major tournament is known as “moving day” because this is typically the day where players who are going to be legitimate contenders will put themselves in position with good rounds of golf. Spieth can do some moving of his own with another good round today but he knows he can’t win the tournament today but he can lose it.

One way to avoid problems is to not look at who’s chasing you. Spieth has some pretty impressive resumes chasing him right now. Guys like Ernie Els, Phil Mickelson, Dustin Johnson and Justin Rose are all in play and Spieth would do well to keep looking ahead rather than behind.

Spieth strikes me as a young man who can pull this off and I believe he will.

old people

We typically think of the elderly gambling like this but not anymore.

Never Too Old to Bet on Sports

I sometimes wonder when the very first wager was laid down between two people. Was it in biblical times when someone bet Moses two gold coins that he couldn’t part the Red Sea? Heck, maybe it was during the early days of man when one caveman bet the other that he would bag a sabertooth tiger before the other caveman could.

These thoughts came to me this week when my 76-year old father-in-law disclosed to me that he was betting on baseball, basketball and hockey. There are plenty of folks around the country who are in their seventh and eighth decade of life who bet on sports but I haven’t heard of too many who actually¬†start¬†gambling at this age.

My wife’s father has always been the type of guy who is constantly investigating things in the world whether they be about religion or politics or UFO’s but I never expected him to enter the world of sports gambling. What is perhaps more interesting is that he already has a “system.” I’m not going to go into that but rest assured he feels like less is more and so far his results have been very good, especially in basketball.

He’s not wagering large sums of money or anything like that but I think one of the most important things we can take from what he is learning is this; don’t chase your lost wagers. He’s very adamant about setting limits on what he wagers and when he hits a losing streak he doesn’t alter from that plan. I think that’s sound advice for anyone who is betting on sports. Far too often when we lose a few in a row we get an urge to win it all back immediately.

He’s found that if you stick to your plan you will come out successful more often than not.