Over under betting is an often underrated bet type, but best believe that successful bettors make excellent use of this option.

    There are many, many games where you may not have a legitimate read on the winner, but you have a feel for “how the game will go” in terms of whether it will be low or high scoring–that’s the situation over/under betting was made for.

    Your Dog Is Smart Enough to Bet the O/U

    One reason over/under betting is so great is because it is so simple. The bookmaker will present you with a “magic number” of total points in a game (both teams scores are included in the total). And all you do is you pick the “over” or you pick the “under” that magic number.

    So for example, in NBA basketball you might see:

    Los Angeles Lakers vs. Golden State Warriors
    Over/Under: 185 ½

    If you think the combined score of both teams for the whole game is going to be more than 185 points, then you’re taking the over. If you think it’ll be 185 or under, you’re going under.

    Many Different Kinds of Over/Under Bets

    Precisely because the concept is so simple and easy to understand, you will see a lot of different kinds of over/under bets being offered, especially during big events like the Super Bowl.

    For the Super Bowl, for instance, a bookmaker may post O/U bets for a widely varied range of statistics, some of which may seem rather miniscule in terms of importance, such as:

    • Total rushing yards for both teams
    • Total rushing yards for one team
    • Total rushing yards for one particular running back
    • Total rushing yards in the first half
    • Totally rushing yards by one team in the first half
    • Total rushing yards for one particular running back in the first half
    • Total number of times John Madden will say “BOOM!” in the first quarter

    And so on and so forth; the possibilities are endless. Creative bookmakers are always finding new ways to post over/under bets that bring more action into the sportsbook.

    As a sports bettor, this plethora of choices enables you to really pick your spots. Of course, you can also go broke in a hurry if you treat the board like a roulette table and just start playing random numbers.

    Examples of Profitable Over/Under Betting Situations

    There are many situations where you can use strategy and your knowledge of sports to create profitable over/under bets. Here are a few common examples:

    • One team has a terrible offense that is ice cold, so you pick the under
    • Two teams have a history of high scoring contests, so you pick the over
    • One team has a killer defense that has been on fire lately, so you pick the under
    • Neither team plays any defense at all, both defenses are awful, so you pick the over
    • You know nothing about this sport or this game, so you randomly pick the under
    • You know nothing about this sport or this game, so you randomly pick the over

    Of course you must consider, as you strategize with your over/under bets, what the mass of other bettors are thinking and why, because this will cause the bookmaker to move the O/U either higher or lower based on the bets that are coming in.

    That’s why it’s often best to snatch a desirable over/under bet when it’s hot off the presses, before everyone else has a chance to see what you’re seeing.

    The Best Sites for Over/Under Betting
    This is a very common type of bet, so all sportsbooks should do this well; those that don’t shouldn’t really be in the business. Regardless, our picks are below: