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It’s not possible to put into words how exciting the start of a new season of sports is. Today’s a lucky day for those doing some online sportsbook betting, as Major League Baseball is officially in action. Not only that, but the NCAA National Championship between Ohio State and Florida begins later tonight, so sports fans have plenty to choose from while placing sportsbook wagers. Signing in to one of our featured online sportsbooks at, then seeing the multitude of betting options set for tonight, made me one of the many happy sports enthusiasts placing wagers online. You can be certain that there will be plenty of games around the U.S. today, and I for one am not going to miss dropping a couple of wagers online at, and I feel that for being the best online sportsbooks that I’ve tried in my time online, these two sites get the opening day wagers for my MLB bets.

Since a few national games will be covered tonight, I’m checking out the Minnesota Twins vs. the Baltimore Orioles, and I can report this season is off to an amazing start. Two back-to-back homers in the bottom of the second, Johan Santana working magic on the mound, and more games later tonight this is heaven for a baseball fan.
It’s a good thing I placed my first online sports wager taking the Minnesota Twins tonight, as I for one fear that the Orioles pitching rotation may not be up to speed. Already the Twins are hammering the baseball, and taking the Twins with the runs looks like a fine bet to me so far. I certainly love this game, and to be honest, I’m very excited to be placing wagers on something other than just basketball and hockey. Now, I just have to get through another 162 games worth of action until the next playoff season.

Elsewhere in the MLB, Dontrelle Willis put down the Washington Nationals 9-2, which amounts to a good start for the three team parlay wager placed at I also had to drop in my hometown Seattle Mariners, who face the Oakland A’s tonight in their home opener. Taking Houston to beat Pittsburgh, my wagers are all set and on their way, and I will be ready to catch the College hoops championship while my MLB wagers are finishing up. Ahh it’s good to be a sports fan.

Aaron G.