Online Sportsbook wagering for Thursday

There are times when you are good, and others when you are just plain lucky. Last night at, one of our online sportsbooks and casinos at, I dropped in for some casino action, and came out on top a winner. After starting down on a bit of a dry spell playing on the roulette tables, I kicked off a long run of winning bets that put me up big in the matter of about an hour and a half. Needless to say, with extra coin in my pocket, I used those winnings to try out some new card games I hadn’t tried yet on this site, namely Blackjack. certainly has some great featured online casinos, especially for those who want selection and new experiences for their wagering.  Sometimes, it really is just better to be lucky than to be good, as cards just started falling for me, giving me ample room to place wagers for sporting events through the weekend.  With my new found luck, I decided to spread the wealth around to a few other sports betting websites, to see if wagering on sports could bring the same rewards. With that in mind, I headed to the sportsbooks, with in good favor with this writer, to place some bets on Thursday’s NBA and MLB games, and hopefully keep my lucky streak alive.

For my sports wagering, I took out a two team parlay (being as there were two NBA games), taking the Miami Heat, and the Phoenix Suns to come out on top Thursday night. With my sportsbook wagers placed, hopefully my conservative play will pay off yet again.  While the games are still going on, I can only watch and wait to see the outcome. This certainly is the exciting part about placing wagers on our featured sportsbooks. I love being able to have any game at any time become exciting and important with just the drop of a wager or two. Sports of any kind is certainly fun when you are a sports nut like myself, however, using the featured online sportsbooks, capitalizing on the free sports advice and convenient sportsbook reviews offered at makes every game a heated rivalry with personal stakes. Especially as the sports seasons move toward the playoffs, the action only gets better and more entertaining to wager on.

With all that said, you certainly will want to get those wagers out for this weekend of sports. Across the sporting world, there are great match-ups to place your wagers on, and our featured sportsbooks and casinos are waiting to take those bets.  For Friday, I have already place another wager on a few hockey games being played. I anxiously await for the games to get underway Friday evening. I hope that your Thursdays go by quickly, and that Friday is another great day for sports wagering. Until tomorrow, we wish you all good luck and happy wagering from

Aaron G.