NHL regular season officially over, sportsbook wagers on …

Mondays are, for the most part Mondays. We have to go to work, leaving our precious couches and sports games behind in order to fulfill a load of duties that really have no relationship to ourselves. However, what is great about Mondays and just about every day for that matter, is the ability of sports, and online sportsbook betting to make any day better. Once the day is over, there are plenty of potential online wagers to make, and plenty of our best sportsbooks ready to help cure a case of the Mondays with. Not to mention the fabulous option of being able to pick and choose from many online casinos, you are hard-pressed not to find something suitable to occupy a slow Monday evening. For this Monday, sports fan may not have the treat of NHL hockey, which begins post-season play in a few short days, however Major League Baseball and the NBA are still in full swing and offering sports fans plenty of sports betting chances online. With 8 NBA match-ups and 14 MLB games for sports fans on Monday, I certainly took the opportunity to head to a couple of our best online sportsbooks to place a few wagers on the day’s action.

With my hometown team the Seattle Mariners snowed out in a series with the Cleveland Indians, I had to turn my sportsbook betting away from my comfort zone a little bit,  taking baseball wagers on the New York Yankees vs. Minnesota Twins game. As expected, the Yankees prevailed over the once-again-terrible outing of Sydney Ponson. Carl Pavano looked great on the mound for the first time in about two years, as the NY Yankees rolled comfortably over the Twins 8-2. San Diego ousted San Fransisco 1-0 in a great pitchers duel, and the White Sox put down the Athletics 4-1 today. With these games coming to completion, my wagers at www.Betonusa.com came out on top, making for a pretty good Monday appearance for this writer in our online sportsbooks. However, as I am well aware, you can’t win every sportsbook bet you place, and the NBA action was a different story today.

Taking out a three team parlay wager at our featured online sportsbook at www.Playersonly.com, I looked to capitalize on a few teams with aspirations of the playoffs ahead. Wagering on the Lakers, the Jazz, and the Magic, I unfortunately scored only one win in three, ending my three-team bet. You can’t be too disappointed when you’ve already won some money on a Monday, however, no one really likes to lose when teams are expected to win. That being said, there is sound reason why we all should use the online stats, wagering advice, and any other information offered to sports fans across many online betting sites. Another day comes soon with more wagering possibilities, and I hope that your luck has been bringing winning sportsbook wagers into your account. Until tomorrow, enjoy the great online sports books featured at www.CasinoReview.org!

Aaron G.