Sportsbook wagering on playoff hockey

Well sports fans, get your sportsbook wagers in place and ready for the start of a very long NHL playoff season. Tonight’s first playoff match-up between the Vancouver Canucks and the Dallas Stars marks the start of what is guaranteed to be some exciting sports action, and even better sportsbook betting. I like my odds on Vancouver this year, not just because they are my home team, but because they’ve made it to the playoffs entirely on one man: Roberto Luongo. It will take a lot to get through this guy, no matter what you throw at him. Starting in his first playoff game tonight at Vancouver’s GM Place, both he, and Dallas as a team will be under a lot of pressure to win game one. For this opening game I’ve gone to one of the best online sportsbooks we have offered at, and put my wager on Vancouver to win straight up. With three other hockey games tonight, one more parlay wager will make the action a bit more exciting. Taking Nashville, Anaheim, and Ottawa to win their respective games, hopefully another small wager will give my bankroll a head start for what will be a long postseason. Let’s not forget that the NBA is almost set for the playoffs, and who knows what could happen there.

What I do know about this time of year is that no matter what sportsbooks you venture to, there is guaranteed to be a mountain of great betting opportunities for you.,, and have become my staple for online sportsbook wagering, and without a doubt my NBA wagers will be peppered across there websites. Speaking of NBA wagers, one more online wager had to be placed tonight on the Miami v. Washington game. What’s funny is that everyone (maybe including myself) assumed that Miami would falter after Dwayne Wade’s nasty shoulder injury, and instead Miami has rallied to what could be a NBA Division Title. That’s why I’m placing my bets for them to win tonight against a Washington Wizards team sans Gilbert Arenas. There are a ton of games tonight with playoff seeding being set everyday, and you certainly won’t want to miss out on the action. Besides, there are some very lopsided match-ups in the regular season schedule, and cashing in on these games will hopefully help later on.

I guarantee you that betting on the NHL playoffs will be an exciting time. High flying action and intensity does not get much bigger than this. If hockey’s not your game, the NBA is full of action. Even better yet, Major League baseball is fully underway. It’s an almost exhausting amount of choices when doing a bit of sportsbook gambling. However, we must wager on, and place smart bets, and hopefully we’ll have enough coin left to make it through the first round of play. Thanks for checking us out, and enjoy some of the best online sportsbooks featured on our website for your next bets.

Aaron G.