Winning at our online sportsbooks is a great way to start …

Being the avid sports junky that I am, I have to start out my daily diatribe with a bit of gloating; the Canucks won last night in overtime! Notching up a 2-1 lead in the series against Dallas, not only did Vancouver’s win help to shore up a solid start in the playoffs, but they also helped to score a win in my online sportsbook bets placed yesterday. Things seem to be going just about according to plan in the first round of the NHL playoffs, and I have certainly been fortunate to cash in on some well-placed online sportsbook betting so far. Knocking on wood will now be necessary. Nonetheless,  the action in the NHL playoffs has been outstanding, and even a few of my co-workers, who normally refuse to watch hockey, admit to having a great time placing a few wagers on the games, and checking out the action. With the extra dough made in last night’s games, I will be able to put down some money on Major League Baseball, which has quietly passed through the first two weeks of play. Check out some of our best online betting sites, if you haven’t already done so, and place a couple of bets on baseball. It’s a great game to get behind the numbers on, and as a fairly poor statistician, I could use a little bit MLB baseball to improve how I place bets overall. When you play the odds and the match-ups correctly, you win more plain and simple.

Betting on the odds, my first wager will have to be on Josh Beckett and his new team, the Boston Red Sox, to prevail at home over the LA Angels. Almost always betting on pitching is a good idea, especially when that pitcher has a championship title under his wing and a nasty set of pitches to work with. Going over to, another one of our best online sportsbooks, I’ll drop a few bucks on the BoSox, as well as the LA Dodgers vs. the San Diego Padres, which should be another good match-up. Hopefully, the Dodgers starting pitcher Brad Penny will continue his great form shown already, and give me one more win tonight. When he’s not hurt, this guy is a workhorse that can’t be stopped. For my sake and for the Dodgers, I’m hoping that he will be able to pull out his third straight victory of the year when they face Arizona tonight. These two teams have certainly surprised everyone (along with the Atlanta Braves) in quickly moving to the top of the MLB early in the year. If you haven’t bet on baseball yet this year, hop on over to one of our featured online sportsbooks and get in on the action.

Mondays are generally not great days for us working folk, however with so much to choose from in our top sportsbooks, no day is really too bad when you have plenty of sports betting action to choose from.  Drop into one of our online sports gambling sites, get some good sports betting advice where you can, and place your wagers for today’s action. There is plenty to choose from at, and we hope for you the best of luck in your online sports gambling endeavors. We hope to see you again soon, and thank you for dropping by and checking us out.

Aaron G.