Sportsbook Wins, and a prevailing home team heads to the …

Now it’s not generally considered nice to gloat about your home team winning, but on this day, it’s hard to contain ones self. Canucks win! Canucks win! Ok, that’s enough of that. Game 7 between the Dallas Stars and the Vancouver Canucks turned out to be just as good a game as anticipated, with a final score of 4-1 masking the closeness of this contest last night. With that win, my first of two online sportsbook wagers cashed in some extra dough into my sportsbook account, and I get the privilege to see another round of play for the ol’ home team. Whew. That was arguably one of the best first round match-ups I have seen in many years, and certainly the best series of the year to date. Back and forth action, great goaltending, and high-flying action always make for great sports television, and exciting online sportsbook betting. I’m satisfied for the rest of the week, even if I don’t win another bet. That may not be entirely true, but admittedly anytime your home team wins in the playoffs that is cause enough for a lot of celebration. Fortunately for me my sportsbook betting day for Monday didn’t stop there, as the NBA wager placed for last night came through with the Rockets and the Pistons winning their games to take 2-0 leads in their respective series.
Moving on to online sportsbook betting for Tuesday, the NHL is off, so the NBA and MLB leagues are great targets for wagering this evening. A great series is underway between the San Francisco Giants and the L.A. Dodgers, in what is a classic rivalry between two potentially playoff bound teams. Yes, it is early to make a prediction like that, however these two team are already poised to make a strong run for the post season�which is only about 150 games away. Nonetheless, if you have a chance to do a little sportsbook betting today, check out this series as it is one of the best in baseball right now. Another good match-up worth checking out for an online sportsbook bet will be the game between the Detroit Tigers and the L.A. Angels tonight in Anaheim (still hating that L.A. label for this team, as they aren’t in L.A.!) which should be a wild last game of the series. I expect a high scoring game, so taking over on the total points might not be a bad idea. At least that’s were my sportsbook wager tonight will be going.
As previously stated, this week will only get better as it goes on, with plenty of great wagering opportunities at the best online sportsbooks at We wish you all the best when placing your online wagers, and if you haven’t decided yet on a sportsbook suited for your needs, take a little time to go over some of our sports betting reviews we have on site, and choose the best online sportsbook for you. Thank you for checking out our website, and good luck in your future online sports betting!

Aaron G.