Saturday’s playoff action makes for more excellent …

After a great Friday night of online wagering, it’s time for this writer to take a little break, and enjoy the sports action offered on Saturday without taking part in today’s online sports betting festivities. With a couple of clutch wins, most notably with my Vancouver Canucks evening the series with the Anaheim Ducks with a stunning 2-1 win in double overtime, I can relax a little bit with an extra chunk of change in my online account. Between this game and the Buffalo Sabres topping the NY Rangers, another parlay win makes for a great week of online sportsbook betting, and I for one need a little time off to recoup from this week’s exciting sports betting opportunities. Nonetheless, as this is playoff season, there are still plenty of great online sports gambling opportunities in store for today, and if you are looking for some sporting action on Saturday, look no further than our best sports betting websites featured at to fulfill all of your wagering needs.

Of noteworthy news heading into today, the NBA playoffs have been shaping up to be quite an unexpected series of events. Golden State has jumped out to a surprising 2-1 series lead over the Dallas Mavericks, which is no doubt making every Warriors fan go completely nuts (seeing as though their team hasn’t seen playoff action in about a decade). Baron Davis is carrying Golden State into uncharted territory, and I for one can’t help but to root for them to be the first eight seed team to break a one seed’s hopes for playoff advancement. Speaking of playoff advancement, Detroit looks to finish off Orlando today, and it wouldn’t be smart to bet against that happening. Elsewhere Cleveland goes up against Washington again today, and the Denver Nuggets look to move ahead in their series taking on the San Antonio Spurs at home after splitting the first two games of the series. Online sports betting doesn’t get any better than when you don’t have anything else to do, and today will certainly be a great day to head over to one of our top sportsbooks and drop a few wagers on the multitude of sports events in store for fans today.

It’s been a great, but extremely long week in the world of online sportsbook gambling, however it only continues to get better as more and more exciting match-ups pop up every day for the sports betting enthusiast. Sunday will be all about Major League Baseball, with a number of great series getting underway, including the ever-so-exciting rivalry between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. Surprising to anyone is the sad state of affairs of the Yankee pitching staff, who badly need a few wins to get their season kick started (You know things are bad when your record is below that of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays). So have a great rest of the weekend, enjoy not working for one more day, and thanks again for dropping in at for the best reviews of the best online sportsbooks offered of the internet.

Aaron G.