Another new month with even more great online sports …

Happy April to everyone, and thank you for stopping by for all the best online sports betting sites on the web! For today’s sports action of note, the NHL Hockey season coming is coming to a close, and so many very good teams are in contention, you would be hard pressed not to find something exciting to wager on in our best online sportsbooks featured at The only difficulty for the day was deciding which wagers to place on what games, as there are still so many teams fighting for remaining playoff spots. Looking to clinch a remaining playoff spot in the East, the New Jersey Devils look to shut down the New York Islanders and that they certainly did, with the Devils emerged victorious in a close 2-1 OT victory. Not so lucky were the Carolina Hurricanes, who were unfortunate enough to run into Alexander Ovechkin and the Washington Caps and got shot down 4-1. Ovechkin celebrates his 63rd goal of the year, which certainly will help to put Washington that much closer into clinching the Southeast Division.

There is much less room for final seed positioning out in the Western Conference this year, as 7 of 8 playoff spots have already been secured. The streaking Calgary Flames, and the Colorado Avalanche out of the powerful Northwest division will be the only teams left at the eighth and final playoff spot, and my Vancouver Canucks are now looking just on the verge of being left out. With less than 6 games left on the regular season schedule, each win is critical, and hockey action in our featured online sportsbooks should be heating up. I was unfortunate to see my Nucks lose to one of the teams they are chasing (the Avs), but San Jose covered the goals needed over Los Angeles, and Nashville just clipped St. Louis in overtime, who have put on one of the worst season-tanking performances of recent memory. With the top spots for the playoffs all locked up, it is already apparent that the NHL playoffs will be a great spectacle, with plenty of exciting wagers to be had at our featured sportsbooks.

Me being the Hockey nut that I am, I must say how incredibly ridiculous the league parity has been this year. Although the salary cap changes, on-ice modifications, and further balancing of quality players across many teams has created a league with exciting potential, the balance has given too much equality, in the form that there are presently only 6 teams under .500! Nonetheless, the action is all there and for any sports fan, giving hockey a chance as a great sport to watch and wager on should certainly be a priority heading into the playoff season. Look for more great action ahead, and a great playoff season to fuel exciting wagers at our best online sports betting sites featured at

Aaron G.