Solid online sports betting action for Thursday night

Well folks the weekend is almost here, and with it will come two exciting games of the NCAA Final Four on Saturday evening. In the meantime however, there is plenty of online sports betting to be had elsewhere, especially as the NHL and NBA seasons wind to a close. For Thursday, I took a trip to a few of our best online sportsbooks offered at, and placed a few wagers down on the three NBA basketball games scheduled for the evening. After perusing the sports betting websites, I decided to take out a three team parlay wager taking the Cleveland Cavaliers, Sacramento Kings, and Houston Rockets in a three-team parlay wager. My wager placed at (read the review of, which has long been one of the best online sportsbooks on the internet, got clipped as the Bulls clipped the Cavs by three. It’s probably what I get for taking all favorites in this one, but more often than not it’s a great strategy I swear! For the best advice though, listen to the experts on the best online sports betting sites reviewed here.

Elsewhere in the sports world, anyone who enjoys online sports betting will no doubt get exciting action out of the NHL, as their season is quickly coming to an end. After taking a bit of sports betting advice from, who frequently update their sports book website with plenty of valuable information, I took out a wager on the in-state game I’ve grown to love between the New York Islanders, and the New York Rangers. Luckily for me this year, wagering on the Rangers (who were looking to clinch) to win away against an Isles team that is very much out of the hunt ended up profitable! The 3-0 victory helped me cover the spread, and thus winning a few times in one evening is certainly good enough for me, and I have secured plenty of wagering money for the rest of the weekend! Hockey action around the league tonight was certainly a great time for anyone wishing to wager in our featured online sportsbooks, and you can be sure there will be more to come heading into the playoffs.

For those who haven’t really checked out the differences in the multitude on online sports books and casinos, check out some of our sports betting reviews of a handful of the best sportsbooks offered on the internet. You will find that all of our featured websites offer many differences for online gambling of all kinds. Make the most out of your wagering experience by choosing the sportsbook or online casino most suited to your playing style, and make sure to place your online wagers for this weekend, as the Final Four games featuring North Carolina vs. Kansas and UCLA vs. Memphis. Finally the Number #1′s will have to give!

Aaron G.