NCAA Championship set, place your online wagers

After what was a slightly disappointing couple of games for the Final Four in terms of my own personal wagers, and along the lines of a pair of close match-ups, needless to say it is finally down to just two teams who will duke it out for the NCAA National Championship in San Antonio in just a few short days. It was a disappointing finish for the North Carolina Tarheels most especially, who didn’t seem like they had a chance from the very start of the game going down by over 20 points thirteen minutes into the first half. Having taken UNC to be the overall winners this year, my bracket is officially crushed. I am fortunate however, that I can regain my losses with some more upcoming sports bets on Major League Baseball, which is alive, kicking, and just about ready to start placing some wagers on. I typically give Baseball at least a full week before starting in wagers on, if only just to feel out a little of what is to be expected throughout a teams pitching rotation. Baseball is certainly one of my favorite sports both for watching and for placing in online sportsbook bets, as admittedly I have a much better knack for when placing online sportsbook wagers.

For the NCAA tournament thus far, I am happy to report that I’ve just barely broken even across all sportsbook wagers to this point. By far the most success has come at (read the review of BetUS), which could be attributed to good karma from great customer service, or just the right games chosen on the right day. Although taking UNC didn’t end up being fruitful, this year’s March Madness has certainly seen a bunch of match-ups featuring the best of the best facing each other. Not too many upsets, but plenty of close and exciting down-to-the-wire games later, fans will certainly be rewarded with the contest between Memphis and Kansas. I certainly want to believe in both of these teams this year, as they’ve both got the team strength and depth it will take to win on Monday night. It’ll be a coin flip now for top sportsbook betting, as I’m just baffled at who I should take right now! While I hate to see it go, NCAA basketball is a hectic season of betting, and I prefer the more professional, manageable style of betting with the MLB, NBA, and NHL.

Speaking of which, tonight’s sports betting online will continue to be an exciting time for sports enthusiasts, with plenty of action in the NHL and NBA scheduled. Hop on to a few of our best online sportsbooks, and drop your sports wagers on Saturday night’s games. There’s less than 5or 6 games (depending on the team) left in the NHL regular season, and the action is certainly intense for the few remaining playoff seeds. I’ll be checking out a few hockey games this evening, and taking out a wager or two in the process! I hope that you continue to have a great weekend, and if you’re placing sportsbook wagers online, take time to look over our sportsbook and casino reviews to find the best sportsbook suited for your wagering needs.

Aaron G.