NHL, NBA Playoff wagering for Saturday afternoon and evening

I don’t know about you, but if there is one thing that I love about playoff season, it’s placing a few wagers on Friday night, waking up Saturday late, and getting to have a full plate of sports all day long. Some would call this lazy; I just call this dedication to the job and my only day off of the week! With three NHL Hockey games to wager on at Playersonly.com, one of our best online sports betting sites we have at CasinoReview.org, I dropped a few bets on the Nashville vs. Detroit and the Boston v. Montreal match-ups taking place today. Both Nashville and Boston need to get back to one game a piece, and I’m betting that they will have a tough time doing so on the road today. Taking a two team parlay with two away teams could be a good way to win some quick cash, or a quick I-told-you so from my friends. Nonetheless, I know that both of these games will be well-contested and heavy hitting, making it a good idea to head over to one of our featured sports betting websites and drop in a wager. If you feel like watching good hockey, tonight is certainly the night to get in on the action.

If the NBA is your game, and it is certainly one of mine, there is plenty of wagering to be had this evening, as playoff bound teams jockey for conference seeds. Denver vs. Utah seemed like too good of a game to miss out on, so that match-up will see a wager placed on one of our best online sportsbooks. Denver is down to the wire, and needs a big win tonight to keep grip on an 8th seed for the playoffs, but there is no doubt that Utah will have other plans in mind. Watch out for Utah to win tonight, and I’m already looking for them to do much better heading deep into the post season. Another bit of sportsbook betting will have to be done with teams on the brink; namely the Golden State Warriors, and the Atlanta Hawks. It’s certainly a bit sad that the 48-32 Warriors are in the same playoff position as the 37-43 Hawks are, and something will need to be reevaluated with the league if a team under .500 reaches the playoffs will a team hovering just under .600 does not. That certainly isn’t fair, and if anything shows just how awful the competition is in the Eastern Conference of the NBA.

With great action everyday, now is certainly a perfect time to file through a few of our top sportsbook reviews and find the best sports betting website suited to your playing needs. At CasinoReview.org we only featured the absolute best online sportsbooks and casinos, and therefore you can be assured that your wagers are secure and in good hands. Have a great rest of the weekend, and we hope to see you back soon!

Aaron G.