Online sports betting makes for an exciting start to a …

As the NBA and NHL’s respective regular seasons comes to an end, there are many teams still fighting it out for the final spots in the playoffs, which happens to lead to some great wagering opportunities in the best online sportsbooks reviewed at Wednesday may not have any College Hoops match-ups, and doesn’t yet have any regular season Major League Baseball games (start the season already!!!) for wagering on, But there are plenty of games to choose from between the NHL and the NBA, and this writer in particular was able to place a few bets at (read the review of Intertops) to make the day a little more exciting. Taking a few small wager parlay bets, as well a two straight up wagers, my wagers are all set, and hopefully yours will be shortly! There’s no better way to pass the time than by betting on sports at one of the top sportsbooks on our website, and then getting to kick back and watch a few games after getting home in the evening.

For tonight’s NHL action, The Pittsburgh Penguins get home ice against a slumping New Jersey Team, and the Pens look like a great bet to look into. The Blues are feeling like they peaked just a little too early, and I see them fading out of the playoff picture. Continuing their downfall is the current #4 seed Chicago, who should at least keep this game a low scoring affair. I still can’t believe Chicago gets to choose from either Cristobal Huet or Nikolai Khabibulin´┐Żanother great team with a great goalie in action tonight is the Washington Capitals, who get the visiting Islanders to chew up and spit out. If for some reason you haven’t tuned in to watch Alex Ovechkin work the ice, do yourself a favor. Definitely one of the finest players I’ve ever seen skate and shoot.

Adding a little bit of NBA to the mix, I like Phoenix over the Rockets, with Shaq usually playing very well against Houston, The Mavericks over the Heat, and Celtics over the Bobcats. Hopefully those hold up for yours truly, and if not, I hope you choose all the wiser today in your online sportsbook experience. With that said, I’m off to the tables at to play of few card rounds, and see if I can’t make my recent wins stretch a little further. I hope that your online sportsbook betting will be successful this week and weekend, and hopefully you’ll have a little change to play with for what will be an exciting NCAA Final Four. Until tomorrow, good luck on your sports book bets, and thanks again for stopping by!

Aaron G.