Final Four underway today, place your sportsbook bets now!

I would have to admit that I prefer the Final Four to the actual National Championship, as it seems today’s games really have the best-played action of the entire NCAA Basketball season. With today’s match-ups, we have the two assumed teams present (UNC and UConn), then the two wild cards in Michigan State and Villanova. One has to ask themselves�in which game will the underdog make a surprise upset and ruin everyone’s day? With UNC’s best 5-6 players heading to the draft next year, and probably going 1st or 2nd round, I just don’t see Villanova winning this game, or even coming close. On the other hand, Michigan State is far better suited to wear down the UConn Huskies, and as a team is much more used to big game situations like this than ‘Nova will be. For today, my money is on Michigan State to take it in front of a home crowd, while Villanova on the other hand goes down big, nonetheless ending a solid run that any team would be proud of.

For the NCAA tournament to-date, I’ve just barely broken even across all sportsbook wagers to this point, but can’t believe how much excitement has been gained than by getting in a few brackets with friends, and making bets at our top sportsbooks reviewed here. By far the most success has come at (read the review of BetUS), which could be attributed to good karma from great customer service, or just the right games chosen on the right day. For the final game for the NCAA Championship, it’s already looking like the UNC dream will come true, and the Tarheels will close the season as the ‘I told you we’d do it’ #1 team in the country, and doves will be released, and Tyler Hansbrough presented with a harem of beautiful women�wait what? Sorry, just making sure you were paying attention�

Speaking of which, tonight’s sports betting online will continue to be an exciting time for sports enthusiasts, with plenty of action in the NHL and NBA scheduled. Hop on to a few of our best online sportsbooks, and drop your sports wagers on Saturday night’s games while you get ready to pay close attention to the better games scheduled today. There’s less than 5or 6 games (depending on the team) left in the NHL regular season, and the action is certainly intense for the few remaining playoff seeds. I’ll be checking out a few hockey games this evening, and taking out a wager or two in the process! I hope that you continue to have a great weekend, and if you’re placing sportsbook wagers online, take time to look over our sportsbook and casino reviews to find the best sportsbook suited for your wagering needs.

Aaron G.