More opening games in MLB action for Tuesday

After today, every MLB team will have officially started their 2009 campaign, and for the next 162 days or so, sports enthusiasts have plenty of new sports betting choices to choose from when looking over the best online sportsbooks reviewed here! Paying a visit once again to one of our best reviewed online sports books at (read the review of, we finally get to see the outcome of the postponed game between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Boston Red Sox; one game I’m awfully interested in seeing to gauge the new year. The Seattle Mariners have gotten off to an exciting start this year, as Ken Griffey Jr. announced his return by going yard during the victory over the Minnesota Twins. Hopefully tonight it will be more of the same, in the second game of the M’s series with the Minnesota Twins. So far this week, my online sportsbook wagering has gone according to plan with a few victorious underdog picks, so hopefully continued wagering on a new season will not interfere with my current hot streak´┐Ż

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Aaron G.