More top sportsbook betting on Friday kicks off a long …

Happy Friday to everyone from us at, and we hope that your week flew by and your online sportsbook betting was successful during the week! Getting down to business, there is a host of great games taking place today, including a ton of baseball, NBA, MLB and NHL games to suit your wagering fancy. I will officially admit that the sheer amount of action coming from three different leagues is a bit overwhelming for any amateur bettor trying to take his or her game to a more serious level. However, as this is certainly a win-some-lose-some type of hobby, I’m happy to report that since the start of the MLB season I’ve managed in total to hover just above breaking even in all of my online sportsbook betting! Now that I’ve said that I’m sure that my luck will probably tank, but I’m grateful that with so many great games to choose from and what seems to be constant playoff action, at least the action will be exciting and worth the wagers placed.

There is some great sportsbook betting to be had tonight in the NBA and MLB leagues as well, and if your’re not the hockey dork like I happen to be, you’ll be happy to find plenty of wagering opportunities to be had elsewhere. A few notable games for Friday would have to include the Seattle Mariners facing the Oakland A’s, and the Philadelphia Phillies putting Cole Hamels back on the mound against the Rockies (been interesting to watch the young pitcher’s progress after being hurt in the pre-season). In the NBA, the LA Lakers up against the Portland Trailblazers and the Dallas Mavericks look to fight on for a better seed taking on the New Orleans Hornets who are just ahead for the 5th Spot out West. The platter is certainly full for tonight’s online sports betting, and I’m certain that if you are looking to place a few bets on our best online sportbooks, there will be no shortage of wagering to choose from. I’ve taken wagers tonight at Bodog (read the review of Bodog), and (read the review of, which are two very solid websites, and get great sports betting reviews from us.

With so much to choose from tonight, hop on down to a few of our best online sports betting sites and get into the action. I’m off to the pub for the game (I’m lucky to have a bartender friend who will put hockey on the second TV�) and I certainly wish you a pleasant Friday night as well. From us at…Cheers, Happy Friday, and be safe!

Aaron G.