Stanley Cup Playoffs begin, goodbye NBA regular season

Wednesday is another great day for sports fans, as we must first say a found farewell to another season of NBA Basketball, which has always been a staple for fans of betting on sports. However, as we further ponder the options for betting on sports at one of the top sportsbooks for first round playoff action in the NBA, it’s time to rejoice in the start of this season’s first playoff action as the NHL begins the quest for the Stanley Cup. Also in UEFA Champions League Soccer, two quarterfinal games take place, between some of the hottest teams in all of Europe. No doubt any sports fan will be thrilled at the offerings for betting on sports, and for today, our featured sportsbook for online sports betting is (read the review of Intertops). Always a quick and easy transaction with no frills or gimmicks, has been a favorite for betting on sports when you just want to be in and out, no hassles.

First off in sports, as noted Champions League soccer (futbol) remains a highlight of sports betting for today, as the favorite Arsenal meets up with Villereal at Emirates Stadium. Also Manchester United faces FC Porto in their leg of the Quarterfinals, and I just can’t see anything other than wins for the big guns, and Arsenal meeting up with Manchester United in semi-final action later on down the road. For wagering at Intertops today, It’s Arsenal with the money for me, and under on total goals in the Porto v. M. United game. With a fair wait before the next round of Champions League play, make sure to check out these games today for all the excitement on the pitch.

For Stanley Cup Hockey, I’m freaking out with excitement to see my Canuck at home in opening round action against the St. Louis Blues, and have my wagers placed for all NHL games in action today. Check out the Rangers v. Capitals, the Flyers v. Penguins, and the Devils and Hurricanes all in action today in first round Stanley Cup playoff games. You can also always find great sports betting action at for Major League baseball, and continuing home-opening series are always an exciting time of the year for sports fans. Check out the sportsbook at, and be in and out with a flash and an excited smile before the games all start today!

Aaron G.