Friday night fun at Bodog, great sportsbook betting …

There is just one day remaining before the NBA basketball playoffs begin, so for betting on sports today it’s a focus back on Major League Baseball, with a couple of NHL playoff hockey bets sprinkled in for excitement. Wishing you a happy Friday from the staff here at, we hope that your week came and went without too much stress, and that the most important thing you might have to do aside from watching great sports action is to grab a cold one from the fridge, or get the door for the pizza. For today’s bets, The three team parlay wager is always a great option for sportsbook betting on Major League Baseball, and for my opening wagers placed at one of our best online sportsbooks at Bodog (read the review of Bodog), it’s another 15 games to choose from, and a couple three team parlays for this guy.

Back in action for playoff hockey today, a few teams look to get back to even in the beginnings of their series, including Philadelphia, Carolina and St. Louis. The Flyers stand the best chance out of the three to get even in tonight’s contests, and I’m counting on the Canucks (my favorites of course, take heed), the Flyers and the Devils to win in their contests this evening for the parlay wager on hockey. Betting on sports in the playoffs is always a great way to add a touch of excitement to the final games of the year, and if you haven’t taken a trip to Bodog’s superb online sportsbook, make sure that included in your first wagers is one for the great NHL action in store for today.

Without a doubt, weekends are the best time of the week, and the top sportsbooks reviewed at certainly have some great opportunities for betting on sports to prove that each and every day. There is nothing quite as exciting as postseason action, and with the NBA playoffs getting underway tomorrow, combined with the already great postseason contests in the NHL and constant games in MLB baseball, sports fans will have plenty to choose from. With that said, enjoy your weekend activities and thank you so much for stopping by our website for some of the best reviews of the best online sports betting sites offered on the internet!

Aaron G.