Monday sportsbook betting at

It’s a surprisingly solid day for sportsbook betting online especially being that it is a Monday, and as such sports fans looking for a little betting action should look no further than wagering at some of the best online sportsbooks on the internet, reviewed right here at There are three great playoff games in store for sports betting fans today in NHL action and two more playoff match-ups in first round action for the NBA, which is now completely underway after a great weekend of games. No one really likes Mondays, especially if you are like most of us and have to head back to work after a relaxing weekend, however, getting a chance to do a little sports betting online is an exciting way to perk up an otherwise boring and long running day. For this evening’s NBA games, the Boston Celtics and the Chicago Bulls square off, as well as the Dallas Mavericks and the San Antonio Spurs. After seeing the first game in each of these opening series, I can definitely say that Boston needs to take #8 seed Chicago a bit more seriously, and the Spurs are definitely at risk of being bumped out in the first round for the first time in a decage. I’m taking my bets for the favored teams team though (Boston and San Antonio), going to one of our best online sportsbooks reviewed at (read the review of, and taking out a two team parlay wager for these games tonight.

Now, for the other two games that I’m really looking forward to today; if you have a chance this evening, and aren’t too busy to take down a bet at one of our top sportsbooks, drop a wager on the Boston vs. Montreal, Chicago vs. Calgary, or the Washington v. New York Rangers games taking place later on. With the Canadiens, Flames and Capitals down 2-0, look for some underdog wins heading into these game 3 contests on underdog home ice. I have to root to keep Canada’s teams in the post season, I look for Montreal to take the final game at home tonight, and don’t be surprised if we see some very physical play in that game being the difference maker. With Calgary back in the Saddledome, I’m expecting a big game from Jerome Iginla, and the rest of the Flames as well. Root for whomever you please, but tonight’s hockey game will be sure to provide any sports fan with great action, and exciting wagering possibilities.

With the first round of the NHL and NBA playoffs and fully under way, there is no more exciting time right now for betting on sports. Great games are available everyday for online sports betting, and this week will no doubt be one of the best weeks this year for betting on sports´┐Żat least until next week rolls around. No matter what your game is, now is the time to check out some of our best sports gambling sites and take out your wagers on any of the great action around the sports world.

Aaron G.