NBA Playoffs in focus for betting on sports at …

It’s a surprisingly solid day for sportsbook betting online especially being that it is a Tuesdays, and at least for me Tuesdays are my headache days. Why? I’m not sure. Nonetheless, as I write today, I have a nice pounding one, and the over indulgence on Advil isn’t even helping. Enough about me. How about you? Check out any good sportsbooks lately? Check out (read the review of Players Only) for a solid time, with always solid wagering options and solid customer service to boot. For wagering tonight, the early games in the NBA look good for anyone wanting to take a shot at making some money in quick fashion. Being a Northwest guy, it’s the Rockets v. Trailblazers for my liking, as well as my current hometown L.A. Lakers who are taking on the Jazz. The Cavaliers are scary at home, and thus heavily favored to win this evening. I like the Cavs even with the line posted pretty high, and you might want to take a look into that for tonight!

I’m taking my wagers for the favored teams tonight (e.g. Los Angeles and Cleveland), going to one of our best online sportsbooks at in order to do so, and with a two team parlay wager predicting both series to extend to a 2-0 advantage in favor of both the Lakers and the Cavs. I still think that the NBA should default to any team in any conference that has a plus-.500 win percentage, in the light of a team finishing a division in first with a sub-.500 record. With that the Pistons should bow out gracefully with a 4 and out, and exit in the first round with their sad 39-43 record.

With the first round of the NHL Hockey playoffs well underway, and NBA Basketball games with great choices for sportsbook betting, playoff season has already gotten off to a great start in both sports. You can find these and many other games available everyday for online sports betting, and this week will no doubt be one of the best weeks this year for betting on sports´┐Żat least until next week rolls around! No matter what your game is, now is the time to check out some of our best sportsbook betting websites and take out your wagers on any of the great action around the sports world!

Aaron G.