Sportsbook action on Playoff Basketball and Hockey today!

Sports fans are once again treated to playoff games for online sports betting on Thursday, and there are indeed some fantastic games taking place later on today. For today’s wagering, we pick (read the review of as the featured top sportsbook reviewed on our website. As always one of the best sportsbooks amid a sea of skeptical, often poorly designed and maintained sportsbooks out there. A trusted site for years, and the sportsbook most often referred to for live odds (featured on Yahoo! and ESPN even�) you’re guaranteed smooth transactions and customer service at anytime. Anyhow�on to the matter at hand. Playoff action in the NBA and NHL!!!

As the first round of the playoffs in the NHL start to get to the end of the series (Vancouver, eh hem�already through!), we get to see the obvious forerunners in the race to the Stanley Cup Finals. While my favorite, the Vancouver Canucks are through with a miracle 4-0 sweep of the St. Louis Blues, Detroit is the team I’m really concerned about in the Western Conference. Up 3-0, Detroit looks to put Columbus away, and as my overall pick to win the Stanley Cup again, I’m betting on the Red Wings to finish it out in style tonight with an opening round sweep. Check out the Penguins at home with a chance to win the series in 5, and the Sharks to get two in Anaheim as they try and pull back from a big wake up call. A pivotal game 5 between the Devils and Hurricanes takes place tonight, which rounds out some nice wagering opportunities when betting on sports.

In the NBA, the Utah Jazz are down 2-0, but with the comforts of home in SLC, even the Los Angeles Lakers will have a very tough time against a dog of a Jazz team on their heels. Deron Williams, this is the time to get your game face on. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Lakers pull one out in only very close fashion, and it’s the way I’m leaning at Sportsbook with the money. In a 1-1 tie, anything is possible for the Celtics v. Bulls Series, but as the pundits seem to point to, the fates of the Bulls rest on their Rookie of the Year Derrick Rose’s up and done performance, in an admittedly very tough spotlight. Celtics look primed for a win, as I still think this is just a warm-up series for the Celtics. Spurs v. Mavericks is a tough call for me to make, but I always like a team at home in the playoffs, even against the favorite San Antonio Spurs in this instance. With this and more, enjoy the bountiful offerings for sportsbook betting today at, and enjoy our other top sportsbooks reviewed here with a sense of security and a quick way to get into great action anytime!

Aaron G.