Friday closes the work week, opens up great sports …

It’s that time of the week again, and Friday is most certainly a welcome break from a stressful and busy work week, not to mention a great time for online sports betting at one or more of the top sportsbooks for you here at! In store for sports fans on Friday are a Game 5 in hockey action, three basketball games, and the usual myriad of baseball games to choose from, making Friday night a great night for dropping a couple of sportsbook wagers and kicking back for at least a few of the games available. Don’t have time to sit this Friday out? Get your online sports betting out of the way early, and pick your best wagers before heading out for a night on the town. Sometimes making money without having to go through the nervousness of watching the sporting event you’re betting on is a welcome change of pace, especially if you happen to be anything like me, and find yourself betting on sports just about every night of the week Nonetheless, I press on with another round of sportsbook betting, and for the NHL tonight’s wager takes the Washington Capitals with their backs up against the boards, down 3-1 at home. My online sportsbook betting finished for the NHL today with a quick set of clicks at (read the review of, so it’s safe for liftoff to the local pub, where a very good friend of mine behind the bar doesn’t mind throwing on the hockey game while the drinks go down. Ahh, Fridays are great days indeed.

If you happen to be more of a NBA or MLB kind of person tonight is just as good for you, as there are a few great match-ups taking place this evening. Of noteworthiness, the game between Houston and Portland should be a must see, and a must wager on game. Rockets at home = win. Portland is pretty outmatched in this series even though winning 1 of 2 games at home, however tonight and I’ll be taking the Rockets with the line tonight at the Sportsbetting sportsbook, which is one of my favorite drop-in-get-out-quickly sports betting sites reviewed at In other games, Detroit finds itself purely outclassed, and should be dropping game 3, on their way to getting swept by Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. I also like the Orlando Magic on the road against Philadelphia, so make sure to check these games out for online sportsbook betting today!

Well it’s a great Friday night, and if you haven’t placed your bets at our top sportsbooks, you’re going to be missing out on some great sports betting action this evening. I certainly hope that you have a fantastic Friday night, and an even better weekend, and we’ll hopefully see you tomorrow with more updates from the exciting world of online sportsbook betting. Cheers from us at, and thanks for dropping by and checking out all the great online sportsbooks on our site.

Aaron G.