Sports betting action kicks off a much needed weekend

After a great Friday night of online wagering, it’s time for this writer to take a little break back to the couch, and enjoy the sports action offered on Saturday without taking part in today’s online sports betting festivities. With a clutch win by the Washington Capitals yesterday, I’m fortunate to have an extra chunk of change in my online account for betting on hockey today, which will get used on the three great games in store for fans right now. For today’s sports betting on hockey at (read the review of Calgary needs to win a game at Chicago to stand a chance in their series, Pittsburgh could close out their series today, and the Ducks (I still can’t believe it) could close out in San Jose against the Sharks. As this is still the start of playoff season, there we be plenty of great online sports gambling opportunities in store for today, but tomorrow, there will be fewer games for sports betting enthusiasts´┐Żso don’t miss out on the best sports betting choices right now!

Of noteworthy news heading into today, the NBA playoffs have been shaping up to be quite an unexpected series of events. Dallas has jumped out to a surprising 2-1 series lead over the San Antonio Spurs, which is no doubt making every Mavericks fan go completely nuts (seeing as though no one has been able to knock the Spurs out in round one playoff action. Dirk Nowitzki is carrying Dallas all along the way, and I for one can’t help but root them on to knock out Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and all the other Spurs who expect to be in the playoffs each year guaranteed. Elsewhere the Lakers take on the Jazz in Salt Lake City tonight, and the Heat head home to get a hold of the Hawks in game 3. Online sports betting doesn’t get any better than when you don’t have anything else to do, and today will certainly be a great day to head over to one of our top sportsbooks and drop a few wagers on the multitude of sports events in store for fans today.

It will be a great, and hopefully very long week in the world of online sportsbook betting, and it only continues to get better as more and more exciting match-ups pop up every day for the sports betting enthusiast. Sunday will be all about Major League Baseball, with a number of great series getting underway, including the ever-so-exciting rivalry between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. Also in action is another classic series between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Chicago Cubs, so make sure to enjoy the nostalgia with some sportsbook action today. Have a great rest of the weekend, enjoy not working for one more day, and thanks again for dropping in at for the best reviews of the best online sportsbooks offered of the internet.

Aaron G.