Monday kicks off a next week of great action for betting …

Monday is once again at our fingertips folks. Yet another start to another work week, undoubtedly way too long, and often filled with a ton of work that was left over from the week before, no one really likes going back to work and having to give up their leisure time to be back in the office. Fortunately however, this Monday had some great sports match-ups in store for those wishing to do a bit of online sportsbook betting, including a few great playoff hockey and basketball contests, bringing a bit of excitement for those getting off work. To get things started for betting on sports today, the first of the two hockey contests slated for this evening start off with the Chicago Blackhawks against the Calgary Flames, in what will surely an exciting and hard-hitting contest down to the wire. Calgary needs an outstanding game to avoid losing the series here in a definitive Game 6, and at home, My wager says the Flames hold off the ‘Hawks for at least one more day, and win tonight on home ice. This has certainly been a great series so far, and with my bet placed at today, (read the review of Intertops) hopefully the first bet will turn out victorious, and leave me with a big smile on my face, and an instant cure for a long day of work.

The late game of the evening, taking place at the Pond in Anaheim, will be another game that should not be missed for sports fans wagering on sports action today. If you haven’t had the opportunity to catch the Sharks vs. Ducks series in action this post season, make it a point to do so soon, as this could possibly be another series ending game, as the Ducks are up 3-2 at home. Relying on heavy hitting, great goaltending, and a strong power play, the Ducks are looking more and more like they have just what it takes to make a serious run at the Stanley Cup this year. The Sharks continue to look tired, flatfooted, and cannot convert on their power play opportunities. However, look out for exciting hockey tonight in this game, and make sure to hit up a few of our best online sportsbooks like the ones at for more exciting hockey wagering choices.

With more playoff action in the 3 games slated for the NBA, make sure to make room for the three NBA games being played, including the contests between the Lakers and Jazz, the Nuggets and Hornets, and the Hawks and the Heat. With 14 more baseball games for the day as well, it should be no problem finding a couple wagers to suit your fancy today, which can hopefully take your mind off another case of the Mondays! No matter what your sports fancy happens to be, you can find great sports betting opportunities at out best sports betting sites reviewed at Until next time, good luck with your wagering and have a great week betting on sports!

Aaron G.