Playoff excitement rolls on with more sportsbook betting …

If you happened to catch a few of the NBA or NHL games played on Tuesday night, you were certainly in for a treat. All night long, teams battled back and forth, with heartbreaking endings and spectacular come-from-behind wins. Unfortunately for 3 teams in specific Tuesday was a bittersweet ending, as the New York Rangers, the New Jersey Devils, and the San Antonio Spurs were all on the heartbreaking side of things, losing in their respective series, and getting bumped from the playoffs. With my online sportsbook betting for Tuesday just about annihilated overall, Wednesday is another great day for betting on sports, and hopefully a little more luck will roll around for the two NBA playoff games today, as well as the bevy of Major League Baseball betting opportunities at the sportsbook (read the review of BetUS).

The game between Denver and New Orleans could be a series decider today, as the Nuggets are at home with a 3-1 advantage in the series. The Hornets have seemed to be outmatched in each game of the series so far, and my sports betting for today picks the Nuggets with the line, and a big win in this game today. With the Atlanta Hawks and the Miami Heat also in NBA action today, sports betting fans should be able to cash in on the fact that Miami is a poor road team, and the Hawks have been a very good home team throughout the season. Taking the Hawks with the line as well, my betting on sports for basketball is done for the day. Make sure to check out these two games, go over the player match-ups and statistics available at the one of the top sportsbooks reviewed here, and get in on some winning action today!

There are also some great series in Major League Baseball today to look out for, so just because the playoffs are very appealing for sports fans, don’t count out the MLB to provide sports bettors with great wagering chances as well. Joba Chamberlain and the New York Yankees face the Detroit Tigers on the road, Tim Lincecum and the SF Giants take a shot at a rare victory against the explosive Los Angeles Dodgers, and the KC Royals look to get a win at home against a Toronto Blue Jays team that is off to a great start. Find these games as more at, and until tomorrow, enjoy the great sports betting action tonight, and we wish you the best of luck as always!

Aaron G.