Friday night NBA Basketball, NHL Hockey highlights …

Lucky to have a day off today from the normal 8-6:30 (that’s the new 9-5 for all you hipsters out there), I must say I find myself oddly disconnected and without much knowledge as to what to do with myself on this oh glorious of Fridays! As such, I’ll take time to do the daily duty, and get involved in the great sports betting opportunities available at anyone of the best online sportsbooks reviewed on our site. Grabbing from the bag of top sportsbooks today, out pops the sportsbook, a relative newbie to some of the existing best sportsbooks available. Simple, easy-to-navigate, well-respected and well run, fills the gap as a complete online betting destination, and with sportsbook bets at the tip of your fingers in less than 5 clicks, in and out, done and done!

Think of basketball today, make one big note to get your wagers placed for the NCAA Final Four, which begins just after midday tomorrow! With Duke and West Virginia and Butler vs. Michigan State on the plate for sports betting at, as well as 10 NBA games in store as well, basketball fans of all kinds can get into the action with all kinds of choices. One of the best games of the day includes the match-up between Charlotte and Milwaukee pitting two 40-34 teams looking to secure their places in the post season. Count on a tight game, and being the solid team at home that they are, a Charlotte win in the end. With further action taking place between Atlanta and Cleveland, there are two teams having already secure playoff berths, but for Cleveland, a shot to inch closer to the league’s best record with #60 at large. Speaking of wins, the Phoenix Suns look for their 50th of the season as well as 10th in a row tonight against the Detroit Pistons. Picking up their game on the road down the stretch, and against a Detroit team looking forward to next year, the Suns winning big looks like a promising option. Other great games include the Lakers vs. Jazz at Staples center in Los Angeles, the Magic vs. Spurs and Rockets and Celtics, so find no lack of sports betting choices on basketball at!

After watching first hand my favorite Vancouver Canucks just get ripped 8-3 by my current hometown team the Los Angeles Kings, one has to get back on the saddle and shoot for a win in some online sports betting on NHL Hockey today. With only four or five games left for each team this regular season, there’s plenty of playoff positions unfilled, and great games for sports betting today like Chicago vs. New Jersey, Montreal vs. Philadelphia (both equal in point in the Eastern Conference) and Colorado vs. Calgary as the two teams in the Northwest Division fighting for an 8th Seed. With further action on the line in English Football, including Manchester United vs. Chelsea and Arsenal vs. Wolverhampton Wanderers, football in Europe provides even more great chances for wagers each weekend, in addition to the great basketball and hockey wagers every day. Enjoy the days games, good luck in your online sportsbook bets, and see you again soon!

Aaron G.