Major League Baseball, NHL Playoffs highlight sports …

As the week draws ever so close to an end, sports fans should be happy with the continuing options available for betting on sports at the best online sports betting sites reviewed here, as Major League Baseball continues to offer great wagering choices every day, and the NHL playoff season gives an even further addition of excitement each day for the remainder of the week and weekend. With the weekend looming, and with a handful of great games to place your wagers on today, check out the top action in store, which will hopefully help boost your monetary position heading into the fun and excitement of a Friday and/or Saturday night out! As we make our way through another day of online sports betting, yet another one of the best online sportsbooks comes back up on our radar, this time being the one at the Sports Interaction Sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of Interaction Sportsbook</a>). Though a fairly new addition to’s stable of the best sports betting sites, Sports Interaction Sportsbook keeps the standards just as high, offering great services, good bonus opportunities, and reliable and consistent wagering choices every day of the week.

As we prepare for the opening games in the NBA playoffs this year, today’s playoff excitement is found on NHL hockey, as the Conference Quarterfinals begin for the second half of the league, including games between the Boston Bruins and Buffalo Sabres, the Washington Capitals hosting the Montreal Canadiens, and the Vancouver Canucks taking on the Los Angeles Kings. Featuring great goaltenders all around, these games could be won and lost based on netminders’ performances, and may  be the only shot for the lower seeds to work their way into the next round of playoffs. For Montreal, Jaroslav Halak is definitely the key to the series. He will essentially determine who wins or loses this series, as Montreal is otherwise outmanned in every other category. I love the Boston vs. Buffalo match-up, as Ryan Miller faces Tuukka Rask in a battle of two of the best goalies playing this season. Lastly, Jonathan Quick and Roberto Luongo should make the games tight and exciting throughout their series, so check out any one of these games, expect some close scoring and some great play around the net. It’s going to be a great playoff season for NHL hockey, and with wagers at Sports Interaction sportsbook, you’ll be safe, sound, and hopefully a bit wealthier by days’ end!

With Major League Baseball continuing onwards each day, find another great crop of 12 games for betting on sports on Thursday as new series continue with hot action all over the US. Of note, check out the Twins vs. Boston as     Francisco Liriano looks to shut down Tim Wakefield and Co., Ben Sheets gets his start for the Athletics against the basement dwelling Orioles, the Astros still seek their first victory against the Cardinals today, and Josh Johnson tries to get back into form as the Marlins host the Reds in National League play. Some exciting games all over for sports fans, check into the Sports Interaction sportsbook today, enjoy all the great competition, and we’ll catch you again soon for more of the best online sports betting action at the best online sports betting sites found anywhere!

Aaron G.