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Call me a couch potato, but I’m not planning on moving away from all the great playoff action in store for Sunday for anything other than food and drink, and the eventual trip to the restroom. Yeah sports fans, today is that good. In preparation for the games today, we find ourselves in the inevitable predicament caused by playoff sports…there’s only so many games left, so naturally we have to get all sports betting action in multiple doses for each contest! After anticipating the games in store for online sports betting today with wagers late last night, I find it simply impossible not to add to the wagers, if merely because once this playoff season is over, we won’t see nearly the amount of different sports to wager on, and why not compound the excitement of each individual playoff game, since it has so much significance for each team playing? Okay, maybe I’m trying to convince myself that it’s fine to take out many wagers on the same games, but nonetheless you get the point I hope. While online sports betting is certainly exciting on just about any day, during the NBA and NHL Playoffs, with MLB Baseball and Football happening all over the globe, it just about doesn’t get any better for betting than this.




Onto sports betting today, we’re featuring Diamond Sportsbook read the review of Diamond Sportsbookas the destination of choice, offering a simple and easy-to-navigate experience that any new comer to online sports betting will find attractive. For the NBA today, the Los Angeles Lakers play host to the OKC Thunder who are playoff bound for the first time in their franchise and with Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant on the same court, it may go to L.A., but it’ll be exciting nonetheless. Orlando overmatches Charlotte, and as Charlotte has struggled all year on the road, Orlando has dominated everyone coming to their house, with authority. Charlotte will have to play great D to stand any chance here, but today, Orlando is my pick to cover the spread. In the later games for the NBA playoffs, look for Dallas to set the tone at home tonight with a win against San Antonio, and Phoenix to be just too much for Portland without Brandon Roy. Points, points and more points in these two games should be the nature of the beast for bets there.




Into NHL bets for Sunday at the Diamond Sportsbook, the first game of the day is a great one, as Detroit hosts Phoenix in game 3, in what will be a huge test for Coyotes’ goalie Ilya Bryzgalov. Philadelphia and New Jersey are knotted at 1-1, and with the Flyers returning confidently home I’m counting on a Philly win here. Chicago must win at home to even the series, the Penguins travel to Ottawa for Game 3 with the Senators, and the Sharks and Avalanche will break the tie in an exciting game in Colorado later this evening. With more wagers to be had in MLB baseball as 15 games will get underway, online sports betting in plentiful and diverse, and at the Diamond Sportsbook, easily squeeze in bets on your favorite match-ups and come out a winner today. Enjoy the final dose of sports for this weekend, check out all the best online sportsbooks reviewed here, and good luck on all your wagers to come!




Aaron G.