New choices for a new week of great online sports betting …

While none of us like to see a weekend fly by as quickly as this last one did, the coming week ahead is a great time for sports fans, as playoff action continues in the NBA and NHL, with even more betting choices available each and every day for Major League Baseball. For Monday, it’s a continuation on the great opportunities sports fans had all weekend, as two more NBA playoff games get underway later today, as well as 3 NHL playoff games, 8 MLB baseball games, and even one English Premier League match-up early pitting West Ham vs. Liverpool will get the football fans into the mix. For betting on sports to start out the new week, we’re headed to yet another new addition to our website, at the WagerWeb Sportsbook”>read the review of WagerWeb Sportsbook. Early impressions of this site are great, as Wager Web has one of the cleanest, and easiest to use websites of any of the best online sports betting sites reviewed here. Plus, bonus opportunities are all over the place (including a big 75% bonus inclusion for initial wagers started during the NBA finals…what?!?!), which will keep you building up your cash pile, and getting more friends to come join as well (great referral bonuses are up for grabs anytime you want to share some love).



For the NBA wagers today, the two games in action include the earlier of the two games pitting the underdog Chicago Bulls against the Cleveland Cavaliers, who while playing a pretty sloppy second half of Game 1, still managed to shut the door easily on the Bulls with a ten point victory. Though I like the spark of the young Bulls team, unfortunately yet again they are no match for the Cavs and LeBron James, and even with the 10 1/2 points spread given to Cleveland today, I still think it’s a worthwhile wager at this afternoon. Total points could also be worth looking into, as an over wager with the 191 1/2 points posted seems pretty reasonable considering that even with a lack of second half offense, Cleveland still mustered almost 100 points in the competition. In the second game of the NBA playoffs today, sports fans will be treated to a better match-up as the Utah Jazz take on the Denver Nuggets once again, with the Nuggets having yet another pretty big spread today at 7 1/2. Controlling the Utah Jazz easily in Game 1, suffice to say expect more of the same, but a tighter game as Utah will have to scrap to keep this series even heading back to Utah. I like Deron Williams and company to keep this a bit tighter today and cover the spread, but can’t see a win against the likes of Carmelo Anthony and group with home advantage.



For the NHL playoffs today, great games are all around, as the Buffalo Sabres clash with the Boston Bruins in Game 3, Washington and Montreal continue their scrappy series, and Vancouver and Los Angeles look to break the stalemate in Game 3 at Staples Center today (which lucky for me, I’ll be in attendance for!). In Major League Baseball, the Tampa Bay Rays, Detroit Tigers, St. Louis Cardinals and San Francisco Giants are all hot heading into this week, and look to do even more damage today with some favorable divisional match-ups, so make sure to peruse your options for online sports betting on baseball at as well this afternoon. Wishing you lots of luck on your wagering today, thanks for stopping by and we’ll catch you again on the flipside.



Aaron G.