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After another exciting day of playoffs yesterday featuring great NBA Basketball and NHL Hockey action, albeit one with an incredible sting if you happen to be Los Angeles Kings fan like I am (losing 6-5 in OT after being up 4-0, ouch), Wednesday continues with more of the same great online sports betting action available, and for this great day we venture to one of the best online sportsbooks reviewed at the Legends Sportsbook (read the review of Legends Sportsbook) Having a well-established reputation as a consistent and trustworthy place to set your wagers any day of the week, while we’ve only had Legends.com on our short list of the top sports betting websites for a little over a year, this site is in line with the best of the best by offering solid, no-bs bonus opportunities, world-class customer support, and one of the easiest websites to navigate that we’ve come across. Bet with confidence when you bet at Legends.com, and for today check out the great offerings across the NBA and NHL playoffs, as well as a strong dose of Major League Baseball games and even two English Premier League matches early on to boot. No matter what your fancy is for betting on sports, find options just about any day of the week at Legends.com.

As the NBA playoffs roll along, not too many surprises are popping up aside from a Game 1 New Orleans win over the Los Angeles Lakers and Memphis over San Antonio, but be prepared for another full day of sports betting on basketball as 3 more exciting games come on line this evening. Up on the plate today, catch a taste of the action as Game 2 competition gets underway, as the Oklahoma City Thunder once again host the Denver Nuggets in a fast-paced, high-scoring showdown, and also just to the south the Memphis vs. San Antonio game should also make for an interesting match-up. Denver comes in stinging from a tough Game 1 loss, and gets a +5 underdog on the spread at Legends Sportsbook today, and in order for the Nuggets to pull even they’ll have to work harder to contain the Thunder stars, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, who combined for 72 points in the first game of the series. While it may not be necessarily up to Denver to change anything in their game, perhaps simply expecting Oklahoma City to cool off a little in Game 2 might be enough for the Nuggets, provided they themselves can turn in the same or better performance tonight. Their best option may simply be to focus on Westbrook tonight, guard Durant as best as possible, and hope they can outscore the Thunder down the stretch. I like a bounce back game for the Nuggets tonight, and as such they get a pick for +180 on the money line, and a wager to cover the points spread just as a back-up.

Moving right along to the match-up in Texas, San Antonio simply needs to wake up tonight in the face of a younger, hungrier Grizzlies team, and might just get a kick with the possibility of Manu Ginobli back in the lineup for the Spurs. Of interesting note today, the Spurs have lost their last 6 Game 1′s in the first round of the playoffs, including in each of 3 years they won the title starting in 2003, however for this ageing team to repeat similar performances they’ll have to do much better containing Marc Gasol, who torched the Spurs for 24 points in the opener, as well as Zach Randolph who added in 25. Though we can likely expect the Spurs to return to better form and grab a victory tonight before heading to Memphis for Game 3, look for another dog fight as the Grizzlies cover the 8 1/2 points on the spread. With the final game of the evening on the West Coast as the Los Angeles Lakers look to rebound from an embarrassing Game 1 loss at home to the New Orleans Hornets, no doubt head coach Phil Jackson has put together a better game plan to combat the quickness of the Hornets offense led by Chris Paul, and shore up the Lakers defense which had become a key part of their winning ways after the All-Star break. It continues to surprise how lopsided the spreads are in the NBA playoffs, with the Lakers getting a -11 1/2 points, however it’s obvious that for today the top online sportsbooks all predict a return to form for the Lakers, which I’m in full agreement with. Chris Paul is just one man, which the Lakers will need to combat with good scoring from multiple fronts including Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol (who put up only 8 in Game 1), Lamar Odom and Ron Artest. If the Lakers play good enough defense tonight, and keep the scoring spread around evenly with everyone contributing, they’ll pull off a solid win at home, but by no means expect the Hornets to lie down and get blown out tonight.

Switching to the NHL playoffs, find five great series in play today, as Game 4 action hits the ice across the United States. The exciting series between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Tampa Bay Lightning continues down in Florida today, while the Washington Capitals look to bounce back after a Game 3 loss in New York against the Rangers, and the Philadelphia Flyers solidify Brian Boucher as their goalie in the loud and rocking HBSC Arena against the Buffalo Sabres. Nashville looks to take a decisive 3-1 series lead as they host the Anaheim Ducks tonight, and expect another physical game well worth watching and wagering on. Lastly, catch the Detroit Red Wings looking to close out their series in 4 games with the Phoenix Coyotes, who have struggled mightily with mediocre play from Ilya Bryzgalov, while failing to crack the solid defensive efforts by the Detroit defensive units. After a wild and crazy night of hockey between the Chicago vs. Vancouver game and the San Jose Sharks vs. Kings games, expect plenty more exciting action regardless of whether you’re a die-hard hockey fan or not, as they NHL playoffs is easily one of the most engaging and fast-paced playoff seasons of any league anywhere.

With 17 games on tap for Major League Baseball today, make sure to peruse the offerings lined up at Legends Sportsbook for betting on baseball, with continuing series between San Francisco and Colorado, Philadelphia and Milwaukee, Texas and the Los Angeles Angels, and the Indians and Royals all making for great action to wager on today. After an exciting walk-off performance for the Toronto Blue Jays last night, get ready for another high-scoring affair as the Yankees start Bartolo Colon and the Jays throw up Brett Cecil, two pitchers vulnerable to getting lit up against strong offenses, and down in Florida, the Tampa Bay Rays look to hit .500 after their worst start ever, bouncing back against the Chicago White Sox who are quickly headed in the opposite direction after losing 6 straight. Last but not least, squeeze in a couple quick wagers for some great English Premier League soccer action early on, as a heated rivalry continues in North London with Arsenal facing Tottenham Hotspur, and Birmingham trying to play spoiler and avoid relegation this year with a decent display at Stamford Bridge against Chelsea. Look for a tight, low-scoring affair in the first match at White Hart Lane as Spurs badly need a win to move closer to securing 4th place and a possible Champions League spot again next year, while the Gunners look to move within 4 points of Manchester United with a win, following the Red Devils’ draw against Newcastle. We’ll push for a Spurs win on home pitch, hoping that Gareth Bale can make good on his appointment to FA player of the year, and expect Chelsea to come out swinging at home and rack up enough goals to bust the over wager at Legends Sportsbook. It’s another great day to be a sports fan, and an especially great time to place your wagers at one of the top online sports betting sites reviewed right here, so put your bets in line and watch out for plenty of great sports action throughout the day!A

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