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It’s usually pretty standard to reach the end of the week and not have too much available for betting on sports at one of the top sportsbooks reviewed on our site, however this Friday happens to be something special as the NBA and NHL playoffs, as well as the Major League baseball season carry on the torch for exciting options at any one of the best online sportsbooks found on the web. As we cycle through our wagering at the top sportsbooks reviewed on our site, the Diamond Sportsbook (read the review of Diamond Sportsbook) gets the start for us today, to hopefully help bring a bit of added cash in to cover the expenditures of a night out on the town in celebration of no work tomorrow. Getting started right away for betting on the playoffs, we’ll break down the possibilities for betting on sports for the NBA and NHL playoff games getting underway, including 2 pivotal Game 5 showdowns in hockey, and 3 Game 3 contests across the NBA Basketball landscape. Adding into the mix today, 15 games in Major League Baseball will be perfect for extending a few wagers at Diamond Sportsbook into the best games and match-ups available in the budding baseball season, and hopefully somewhere you can find some great options for putting a little extra cash in your weekend piggy bank today!

The NHL has an especially exciting offering today, with 2 games taking place holding a 2-2 series tie between the teams involved, and the turning point likely coming in today’s exciting competition. The Buffalo Sabres likely have the best option for victory today, heading back to Philadelphia with Ryan Miller in the net, while the Flyers continue to search for their answer between the pipes. It looks like Brian Boucher will once again be starting, however should he fail to contain the Sabres attack, we could very well see the third goal tender in this series, Michael Leighton, coming out of the woodwork. That doesn’t bode well for the Flyers, who are facing increasing pressure from the Thomas Vanek-led Buffalo attack. Once again, look for goaltending issues to give way to a good possibility of breaking the over wager on total points for this first Game 5 match-up on the day. Switching over to the second NHL Playoff game of the day, the Anaheim Ducks host the Nashville Predators at the Honda Center tonight, in another crucial Game 5 which if won by the Preds, would give them home ice for Game 6 to close out the series 4-2. Once again, we’re looking for plenty of offensive firepower from both squads with so much on the line, and at home in front of the Ducks’ faithful, we’ll hedge a wager at Diamond Sportsbook on Corey Perry, Bobby Ryan and Teemu Selanne to make this an interesting series heading back to Nashville.

For NBA hoops action today, three games including those between Boston and New York, Orlando and Atlanta and New Orleans and Los Angeles should give sports fans an exciting Friday evening of watching and wagering on playoff basketball. The Boston Celtics have thus far proven to be too much, and too balanced of a team in the playoffs for the Knicks to contend with, and even getting the first game on the road in this series, we’ll push for the Celtics to shut down the Knicks tonight to take a commanding 3-0 series lead. After grabbing one game at Orlando, the Hawks look to be reenergized at home, showing that they can handle the rest of the Magic squad (even if they struggle with Dwight Howard), and should be in line to keep this game tight this evening. Lastly, we’ll push for the Lakers to grab a road win against the Hornets, as Los Angeles tries to quickly take down New Orleans Hornets, who aside from Chris Paul simply aren’t of the same caliber side as the defending Champion Lakers. Further on in today’s line-up of online sportsbook betting, find 15 games which dot the landscape of MLB baseball, so no matter what your sports fancy happens to be Diamond Sportsbook will have all the right wagers for you, provided you get to their site before the games start! From all of us at, we wish you a very happy and productive weekend, enjoy all the playoff games and sports action around the globe, and thanks for stopping by for the best online sports betting sites reviewed on the web!

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