Record Breaking Saturday night a treat for all baseball fans

It’s finally official tonight; Barry Bonds has tied the all-time home run record at 755. With an opposite field blast and fans not really knowing whether to cheer or boo, one of the greatest records in baseball has been matched, and history is about to be written again amidst a mountain of scandalous accusations. Regardless of how people feel about Barry Bonds and his alleged performance enhancing drug use, all sports fans love seeing a piece of history, as was evident when the boos meant for Barry Bonds turned into boos for the pitchers who would walk him Saturday night. Although there was plenty of excitement at Petco Field around Bonds the game itself between San Diego and San Francisco turned out to be an exciting competition, and my wager at turned out to be a good one as Khalil Grene finished the game in the 12th inning with a single up the middle off of Randy Messenger. Although this game was a fine piece of history, earlier today, another star would make his impact felt.

Alex Rodriguez became the youngest player to reach 500 home runs, as the red-hot Yankees crushed the helpless Kansas City Royals 16-8. There is a lot of talk whether or not A-Rod will be the all-time home run leader by the end of his career, with both sides being represented in the media, however one thing is for certain; Alex Rodriguez is one of the best players to ever play the game. He’s only 32 years old, and I must express my utter animosity towards him for fleeing the Mariners and then eventually signing with the Yankees, but with out a doubt A-rod is one exciting player and hopefully he will able to put together another 275 or so home runs (which is about what analysts are predicting Bonds to end with) to secure his place in history. I certainly look forward to seeing what happens with his run for history, as he is quickly chewing up records left and right.

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Aaron G.