Sports betting online for Sunday

It’s always a treat when you get a chance to check out two top teams go head to head in any league. For major league baseball, a three or four game series between two good teams is almost like getting to catch a playoff series well before the actual playoffs come around. Case in point, this weekend has the New York Mets coming into Chicago to face the Cubbies in what should be a great series with great pitching match-ups. Jason Marquis, who has been struggling as of late, gets the start tonight against Tom Glavine, who will be looking yet again for his 300th win of his career. It’s always fortunate when a good contest is televised in your area, which always makes online sports betting a little more worth while. I’ve got to go with the Mets in this one though, as Glavine is due to win and get the 300 win monkey off his back. He would be only the 23rd player in baseball history to amass 300 wins, and I for one have placed my wager at and now I’ll wait to see if tonight is the night.

Another quality match-up for Friday night finds the Arizona Diamondbacks at Chavez Ravine to square off against the L.A Dodgers behind Brad Penny. Two solid pitchers will be starting in this game, as Brandon Webb will be starting for the D-backs and hoping to sweep the Dodgers at home. The Diamondbacks really have been playing excellent ball as of late, which has given them a lead in the NL West. Seeing as though their pitching staff has settled in a bit, and their power has returned to the batting order, I’d be reluctant to bet against the Diamondbacks tonight, especially as Arizona has quietly been pulling away from the upper ranks of the National League West Division. Going over to one of our featured online sportsbooks at, I’ll have to bet against my favorite workhorse in Brad Penny, as Arizona looks to good right now to bet against.

One more can’t miss game is in store for this evening, as a match-up between the Boston Red Sox and the Seatttle Mariners should provide plenty of excitement for online sports betting tonight. Miguel Batista is a good young pitcher, but he is really no match for Josh Beckett in this contest, and it would be a difficult choice to bet against Beckett tonight. Beckett will be looking for a major league leading 14th victory tonight, even if I’m hoping that it doesn’t happen. As you can see, great baseball awaits those betting on sports tonight, and great sportsbook bets can be found right here by using the featured online sportsbooks at For all of us here, thanks for stopping by, and good luck in all your online sports betting this week.

Aaron G.