Back into the Week with MLB Sportsbook betting

Well folks, it’s that dreaded day Monday again. However, at least with the constant action offered on our best online sportsbooks here at, there is always something to look forward to either before or after work. With records being broken (or tied), and the air giving a hint that college and NFL football is just right around the corner, it is definitely a good time to be a sports fan and a great time to be betting on sports. Shaping up this week is what is sure to be a very hectic Wild Card race, as the New York Yankees’ recent tear has found them clipping the heels of the Detroit Tigers, with the Seattle Mariners not looming very far behind them. The Yankees have won four games in a row now, after just clipping the Toronto Blue Jays tonight 5-4 in a classic win with Andy Petitte and Mariano Rivera as the pitching tandem. The Mariners on the other hand seem to be moving in the opposite direction, as they have dropped two games in a row, while the Angels continue to stay strong against some pretty mighty opponents.

Last night’s match-up between the L.A. Angels and the Boston Red Sox was a not-to-be-missed game featuring Curt Schilling and Jerrod Weaver on the mound. Now normally this would be a lopsided pitching contest, as Schilling definitely has the veteran upper hand, but as I know now from first hand experience, the Angels are absolutely magical when it comes to playing on their home field. Holding down a ridiculous team batting average of over .300 at home, few pitchers have gotten the better of them, especially considering the Angels offer their home pitcher almost five and a half runs of support on any given outing. Monday night was little different, as Weaver pitched a solid game, getting runs when he needed them to secure a 4-2 win over the BoSox and put their lead out West back up to 4 games. It was apparently a poor decision to keep Schilling in the game into the seventh inning, where Maicer Izturis took a two-run homer out of the bag and placed it neatly over the right field wall, consequently putting the Angels up for good.

There are plenty of great games, and great online sports betting opportunities to be had on Major League Baseball this week. Check out the many match-ups, as well as the up and coming football seasons, which have started to see a lot of press. Our top sportsbooks will be the place to be from now until the end of the year, so if you haven’t been betting on sports too much this summer, now is the time to get into the swing of things in preparation for football season and MLB post season action. Fall is creeping up on us, so head on down to our of our online sports betting sites, and get your chops up for a great sports betting second half of the year.

Aaron G.