Bonds Breaks home run record in exciting evening of baseball

There is officially a new home run champion in Major League Baseball. Like him or not, with or without an asterisk next to his name, Barry Bonds will forever be known as one of the very few in all history to have broken the home run record. This time eclipsing Hank Aaron’s record of 755 home runs, Bonds’ shot in the 5th inning of San Francisco’s game at home against the Washington Nationals was a spectacle that had every sports fan either in attendance or at home watching feeling privileged to have witnessed such a landmark event. Barry Bonds’ performance on the night going 3-3 with a single, double and lastly a 421-foot shot over the right center wall was certainly impressive, and even the Giants fans themselves barely noticed that at the end of the game the Nationals had beat their team 8-6. Luckily for myself, I chose my online sportsbook wager on the game taking the Nationals to beat Barry Zito, who has been absolutely horrible all year long. I couldn’t help but think that the first half of the game seemed to have just as many, if not more home runs hit than at the All-Star game that took place at Pac-Bell park not too long ago

Meanwhile, as this record was being broken, around the league the pennant and wild card races are starting to flare up, and games are becoming all the more important. Going to our top sportsbook at (<a href=””>read the review of</a>), I had placed a wager hoping that both my favorite Seattle Mariners would prevail over the Baltimore Orioles while the L.A. Angels would fall at home to the Boston Red Sox. Getting only half my wish, and a losing wager to match, the Angels have proven too tough at home, and I would probably be better off not trying to bet against them at home. While Seattle moved no closer even with the 10-3 win over the Orioles, the New York Yankees gain yet another game in the chase for both the wild card and the AL East Pennant. Just when you think that the Yankees may have their worst season ever and not even make the playoffs, their incredible budget and superstar team turn out to be paying off, and have them sitting somewhat comfortably waiting for other teams to make mistakes. Hopefully you were able to see some highlights of the Yankees vs. Blue Jays game, as there is definitely some bad blood between the two teams.

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Aaron G.