Midweek online sportsbook wagering on Major League Baseball

There are great days of online sportsbook betting, and then there are some days that you wish you would have hopped into an online casino instead of wagering on sports. Tuesday’s betting on sports for this writer happened to head a bit south for my sportsbook betting, as a couple of wagers placed at Betus.com decided to end badly late in the evening with two West Coast games collapsing a pair of parlay bets. For wagering action last night, I chose to go with a couple three team parlay bets, wagering a small five dollar bet on each of them.  After winning a little extra cash over the weekend before heading on vacation, there certainly wasn’t anything more at stake other than a bit of already won money in my Betus.com account. Besides, I’ve happened to have had good luck recently betting on Major League Baseball, and the parlay wager has been back in my corner as a quick, cheap way to make a bit of extra cash online.

For the first wager of the day, I’ve taken a wager out with Seattle defeating the Baltimore Orioles again, hoping to get a parlay win out of them seeming as though they won last night, but my wager with Boston collapsed under the weight of the powerful L.A. Angels at home. With the Yankees taking on the Blue Jays again tonight, I’m taking the Birds to get even with the Yanks tonight as staff ace Roy Halladay goes against Chieng-Ming Wang. This should be a good pitching match-up, and I’m hoping to see more fireworks in this game as last night provided with Roger Clemens getting booted out of the game. For my last wager, I’ve got to take Roy Oswalt over Carlos Zambrano tonight, as the Cubbies face the Astros in what should be a great game. Houston has really struggled this year, but Oswalt has been a pretty big bright spot nonetheless. I’m rooting for him big time tonight, as this would help my parlay wager out greatly, seeing as though the ‘Stros are underdogs in this game, as are the Blue Jays.

You win some bets and you lose some bets, however, for this writer, as long as the wins come before the losses it really makes little difference to me. I have had a so-so week thus far, and currently sit a little under .500 and a little under even this week in my online sportsbook betting. However, I love betting online on Major League Baseball, even if some days are better than others. Besides, when online sports betting gets a little tiring there’s always the multitude of great online casinos to choose from here at CasinoReview.org. Hopefully your luck will be as good as mine today, but you and I both know I’ll be back at in again tomorrow, same as always. Make sure to place your online sportsbook bets for the MLB games tonight, as there should be some good games to catch after work. Stay tuned for more sports betting updates then, and from all of us here, thanks for checking out our website, where you can find the best online sportsbooks and casinos offered anywhere.

Aaron G.